Week 9 – Quarter 1 Daily Lesson Log | October 17 – 21, 2022 DLL Update!

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Lesson Planning / Daily Lesson Preparation

Teachers in each educational cycle or the personnel of the didactic department are in charge of developing the lesson plans. It is each teacher’s obligation to develop the lesson plans for their own classrooms. However, it is advised that all of the teachers in the same department who teach during the same school year participate in the creation of this planning. As a result, this teamwork enabled the creation of a more coherent planning. In general, it can be said that planning and organizing lessons has benefits for teachers since it gives them the ability to organize the teaching and learning process. Additionally, it facilitates the prevention of uncontrolled improvisation and supports the professionalization and training of the teaching community. It also helps to make the ongoing reflection on the various problems that have occurred in the classroom easier because it has to deal with a decision-making process that confirms itself via use and practice. Other benefits can be seen, such how lesson planning can foster a sense of security, confidence, and control among teachers and students. The utilization of time, creativity, and the bonds within the instructors’ team can all be positively impacted by lesson planning, not to mention its other benefits.

A successful lesson plan must have these vital components: Teaching objectives, a warm-up activity, techniques and procedures that can be used to accomplish the teaching objectives, and assessment to determine whether the techniques and procedures followed have succeeded in accomplishing the teaching objectives are the minimum four components that make up an ideal lesson plan.

Teaching objectives. A skilled teacher should be aware of the lessons they are going to teach their pupils. Thus, it is crucial for effective teaching and the creation of the best lesson plans to set the teaching objectives for the lesson in an implicit manner. Teachers should thoroughly read the teaching materials before planning in order to establish the learning objectives. including reading the student’s book, the teacher’s handbook, and the workbook for the particular step that s/he is going to teach the class. The teacher should explain or write the class’s objectives to the pupils before the lesson begins so that they are in their minds and not distracted by unimportant things.

Every lesson has a different set of learning objectives. For instance, various teaching objectives may apply when teaching one language skill to another or even the same language skill. For instance, a reading lesson could emphasize reading for general understanding, reading for specifics, reading comprehension, enjoyment, etc. Some lessons, but not all, might concentrate on two or three of the readings mentioned above. Similar to this, a lesson might concentrate on many language skills. It might concentrate on speaking and listening, reading and writing, listening and reading, etc. Teachers should be aware of this by including multiple languages in their learning objectives.

Warm-up activity. The purpose of a warming up activity is to get the students ready for the lesson and integrate them into it. Any effective lesson plan should include time for pupils to be reminded of the lesson being presented. A brief warm-up activity engages students, activates their prior knowledge, and gives them access to everything they know.

When introducing a new lesson, effective teachers frequently draw on the prior knowledge of their pupils and use it as the foundation upon which the new lesson is built. Although warm-up exercises are really important, teachers shouldn’t spend too much time on them. It is recommended that the warm-up last no longer than 5 minutes for a 45-minute lesson.

Techniques and procedures. The same concept may be taught in a lesson by a variety of teachers using a variety of teaching methods. In order to prepare his students for active participation in the lesson processes, a competent teacher should outline his learning objectives. Thus, the instructional methods employed by teachers to carry out a certain activity are techniques and processes.

Assessment. The overall impact of a curriculum on students’ learning is the focus of classroom assessment. Apprising is one of assessment’s primary goals. The outputs of student assessments should include data that may be utilized to analyze whether or not the teachers’ intended learning objectives are being met. The information can then be utilized to decide how teaching and lesson planning might be enhanced.

Week 9 – Quarter 1 Daily Lesson Log | October 17 – 21, 2022 DLL Update!

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