A Happy, Blessed and Prosperous New School Year Everyone!

This educational website is dedicated to all Teachers. In this website, you will find DLLs, DLPs, LMs, TGs, documents, forms, guides, tutorials and e-books that are sure to help us in our beloved profession.

There are times we find ourselves having difficulty in accessing and accomplishing our forms and daily works. That is why it became our mission to establish a venue for support, communication and collaboration. That is what our DepEd Teachers Club is for – to be of service to our fellow Teachers.

In our DepEd Teachers Club website, you will find Daily Lesson Logs, Weekly Learning Plans, Detailed Lesson Plans, Teacher’s Guides, Learner’s Materials, PowerPoint Presentations, Periodical Exams, Instructional Materials, Curriculum Guides and many other documents, forms, guides, tutorials and e-books that are really helpful to all of us Teachers.

We are all blessed that we have our very kind contributors who  selflessly share their accomplished and compiled documents for all of us. We are really thankful for their generosity. That’s why we are requesting our fellow Teachers to JOIN US in this new endeavor – to reach out to everyone, to keep everyone updated and informed on everything that happens in our beloved institution.

With that, may we request everyone to invite their co-teachers and friends to become part of our new established DepEd Teachers’ Club.

It’s easy to JOIN. Just login with your Facebook account and Like our DepEd Teachers Club Facebook Page and you can enjoy the benefits of being part of our new Teachers’ Club.