1st Quarter Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log | SY 2022 – 2023 DLL Update!

In order to teach methodically and successfully, teachers organize their lessons according to the education standards while incorporating their particular teaching styles. Because of this, we have released our 1st Quarter Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log | SY 2022 – 2023 DLL to aid them with the lack of teaching resources and minimize their workload.

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Types of Lesson Plan

Lesson plans can be categorized into the following groups according to the B.S.Bloom taxonomy of educational objectives;

Knowledge Lesson. In this situation, the learner’s cognitive side of his mental activity is more engaged, increasing his knowledge. Lessons in history, geography, economics, civics, mathematics, science, and grammar are examples of knowledge lessons that expand student knowledge of numerous facts and events.

Appreciation Lesson. These are based on how an activity affects the learner. These inspire students’ appreciation of aesthetics and foster it. They are enthusiastic about learning these lessons. Poetry lessons are a fantastic illustration of this.

Skill Lesson. The psycho-motor component of the learner’s brain activity is more active during skill instruction. While the teacher first gives the students some direction, skill classes help the students do tasks efficiently. All of the students participate in completing the activity while following the teacher’s stated recommendations. Man has the chance to experiment and practice because of this. Students’ creative faculties are more active during skill-building lessons. Examples of skill lessons include painting, handicrafts, gardening, and agriculture, among others.

Characteristics of an ideal lesson plan…

Although they don’t guarantee that students will grasp the objectives, effective lesson plans undoubtedly help. Consider a lesson plan as a means of communication; unquestionably, good communication skills are essential to all teaching. Inexperienced or novice teachers can organize content, resources, and teaching strategies with the use of lesson plans. Making one’s own lesson plans also aids in “owning” the subject matter being taught,
The Gestalt learning theory of psychology serves as the psychological foundation of the lesson plan. It adheres to the “whole to part” teaching tenet. These units (pieces) are thought to aid in comprehending the whole idea.

Effective lesson plans communicate, whereas ineffective ones do not. Teachers make lesson plans to express their educational actions regarding a certain subject-matter. The majority of lesson plans created by teachers include written descriptions of the students’ evaluation criteria, teaching strategies, and the necessary supplies. Many seasoned educators frequently condense lesson preparations into a mental diagram or succinct overview. However, in most cases, extensive lesson plans are essential for new teachers.

An ideal lesson plan should be:

Comprised of units. Each step that is necessary for knowledge classes and skill lessons. Lessons on appreciation should be included in a perfect lesson plan (iii). Each lesson should be broken down into manageable chunks so that the students can comprehend it progressively.

Based on objectives. It must be founded on any one of the two goals. Clear objectives should be written out.

Contain the proper educational resources. It is important to make the right judgment while interpreting the maps, graphs, photos, and charts. These should be properly marked and placed for the teacher to use when teaching.

Based on prior experience. An effective lesson plan should be based on the students’ prior knowledge to avoid any difficulties with them learning new information.

Clarity of the language. According to the students’ mental capacity, the lesson plan should be straightforward and the ideas should be concise. Instead of focusing on language, the lesson plan should be subject-oriented.

Utilization of strategies, tactics, and techniques. The instructor must get familiar with teaching maxims and general teaching principles in order to classify the events and facts that occur in various settings and employ the proper strategies, methods, tactics, techniques, and aids.

Time-sense. The mental capacity of the student and the number of periods are taken into consideration while creating the ideal lesson plan. Every educational step should be given the appropriate amount of time.

Teaching starting with memory and ending with reflection. To move the training from a memory level to a reflective level, challenging and thought-provoking questions are posed.

Establishing the Activities. It should be apparent from the lesson plan what tasks the teacher and the students are expected to do. A good lesson plan would determine them beforehand.

Correlation. The students can gain the knowledge as a whole thanks to a potential association that happens.

Evaluation. The mechanism for determining the impact on the students is mentioned. This entails assessing the teacher’s instructional strategies.

Employing Illustrations. Examples that are applicable to the students’ everyday lives are used. This depends on the teacher’s extensive knowledge and experience.

Individual direction. It is suggested how and when to offer each student individualized guidance.
Work at home

Homework is offered so that students can learn how to apply their newly gained knowledge.

1st Quarter Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log | SY 2022 – 2023 DLL Update!

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( August 22 – 26, 2022)

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(October 3 – 7, 2022)

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(October 17 – 21, 2022)

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(October 24 – 28, 2022)

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