Week 6 – Quarter 2 Daily Lesson Log | December 11 – 15, 2023 DLL Update!

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Effective Teaching

In teaching, it’s not just about having a prepared lesson plan. Highly effective teachers go beyond that. They consider how each student learns. Every person in a classroom is unique. They bring different experiences, knowledge and attitudes. Assuming that everyone learns the same way is just not smart.

So, what’s the secret to being a great teacher? Well, it’s about understanding these differences and making sure each student grasps the material in a way that makes sense to them. It’s not an easy job, though. Teachers need to know about personalities and how to work with different types of students. It’s also crucial for teachers to be aware of their own traits and those of their students. This way, they can adjust their teaching accordingly.

Unquestionably, academic knowledge is important. But being a teacher isn’t just about knowing stuff. It’s about connecting with students, building relationships and making sure the material fits the needs of the class. Successful teachers don’t stick to one teaching style. They change it up based on the students they’re working with. They plan their lessons knowing they have a diverse group of learners to cater to.

One cool way teachers meet the needs of different learners is by teaching students individually or in small groups. The best teachers provide extra help and use different teaching methods if a student didn’t get it the first time. Individualizing instruction is a key trait of effective teachers. They use clear language, give extra examples and highlight important ideas. Being organized is crucial here. Teachers who are well-organized are more likely to personalize their teaching and this can really make a difference in how well students do.

A study showed that new teachers struggled when they didn’t plan their assessments properly. If there’s no clear plan for assessing students, it’s tough to adapt teaching to their needs. Lesson planning is a big deal. It’s not just about what to teach, but how to teach it. Lessons need clear goals, structure and alignment with what students need to learn.

Undoubtedly, teachers need to be flexible. They should adjust their teaching for all their students, whether it’s through small group activities or one-on-one sessions. And don’t forget the importance of good planning. It’s the key to making sure every student gets the education they deserve.

Week 6 – Quarter 2 Daily Lesson Log |
December 11 – 15, 2023 DLL Update!

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