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Dear fellow Teachers, our MS Excel Student Age Calculator is now available via Google Drive. It’s easy to use, direct and avoids errors  especially when we manually compute our students’ ages.  Just Type-in the Date of Birth, the Current Date on their respective cells then press Enter or click on any cell to show the result. Thanks to our Tech Volunteers for this Student Age Calculator. Please share with our fellow Teachers. Please LIKE our Facebook Page as your support and thanks to our Tech Volunteers. Thank you!

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– Snippets from DepEd Order No. 47, s. 2016 –


Republic Act No. 10157 also known as the Kindergarten Education Act provides equal opportunities for all children to accessible and mandatory kindergarten education. Thus, the Department of Education (DepEd) issues the enclosed Omnibus Policy on Kindergarten Education for School Year 2016-2017, and the subsequent school years thereafter.

This DepEd Order (DO) therefore sets the basic standards for an efficient and effective Kindergarten Education Program implementation for both public and private schools nationwide, and shall serve as basis for accreditation and/or recognition of those intending to put early learning centers.

This DO further provides a comprehensive Kindergarten Education policy covering the following different components of implementing Kindergarten Education Program:

  1. curriculum;
  2. instruction, such as teaching methodologies and strategies;
  3. assessment;
  4. learning resources and instructional materials;
  5. learning space and environment; and
  6. monitoring and evaluation for the standard delivery of kindergarten services.

( Section VI – Kindergarten Enrollment Procedures)

Enrolment Procedures

All Regional Directors, Schools Division Superintendents, and School Heads of both public and private schools are directed to accept children in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Age qualification for Kindergarten learners in public schools should be five (5) years old by June 1 of every school year (DepEd Order No. 16, s. 2015). However, the school may consider learners entering Kindergarten who will turn five (5) years old by the end of August on the condition that the Philippine Early Childhood Development (ECD) Checklist must be administered to the learner to ensure that the learner is capable of meeting the expectations of the grade level. Parents may provide documentation and/or certification of the learner’s previous Early Childhood Education (ECE) experiences (i.e., preschool, day care, pre-Kindergarten) in addition to the results of the Philippine ECD Checklist. School Heads must then submit a letter stating the learner’s results from the Philippine ECD Checklist and if there are any additional documentation of ECE experiences to the Schools ivision Superintendent (SDS), and secure written permission from the SDS for these learners to enter Kindergarten.
  2. A birth or baptismal certificate is the documentary basis for early registration. Learners without a birth certificate may still enroll, but must submit their birth certificate within the school year (DepEd Order No. 1, s.2015). The certificate is also the documentary basis for the issuance of the Learner’s Reference Number (LRN) (DepEd Order No. 42, s. 2014). In the absence of a birth certificate during enrolment, the parents or guardian must execute an affidavit of identity of the incoming Kindergarten learner.
  3. If the child has undergone pre-Kindergarten in Day Care Centers or Child Development Centers, a copy of his or her Philippine ECD checklist must be provided to the Kindergarten teacher. However, the Kindergarten teacher shall still administer the Philippine ECD checklist to validate the child’s developmental abilities during the opening of classes.
  4. Eligibility for Grade 1
  5. Children who have completed DepEd-accredited Kindergarten programs are eligible for Grade 1.
  6. Children who are six years old and above who have not completed Kindergarten due to difficult circumstances and/or extreme poverty will have to complete the Kindergarten Catch-up Education Program (KCEP). At the end of the KCEP, teachers will have to assess the learners using the Philippine ECD checklist, and report the learner’s performance by accomplishing the Kindergarten Progress Report. These documents will have to be turned over to the learner’s Grade 1 teacher upon enrolment. The results of the assessment will be used by the Grade 1 teacher to design or modify instruction to meet the learner’s specific needs.

iii. Children who have completed alternative Kindergarten programs not sanctioned by the Department of Education (i.e. non-DepEd accredited learning centers offering Kindergarten, day care centers offering Kindergarten, home-schooled students) must undergo a validating test administered by the Bureau of Education Assessment in the DepEd Central Office. A representative from BEA may be requested by the SDOs to administer the validating test in their respective SDOs.

Source: Department of Education


MS Excel Student Age Calculator by DepEd Teachers Club



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MS Excel Student Age Calculator by DepEd Teachers Club

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