GRADE 4 Learners Materials (LM)

In this article, you will find our compiled GRADE 4 Learners Materials (LM). We aim to complete all the GRADE 4 Learners Materials (LM) to make them available to our fellow teachers and help them complete their resources to make their efforts more directed into the actual teaching process.

You will find the download links for the Learner’s / Learning Materials at the bottom of this article. If you have time, you may read the article below from the Department of Education.


Levels 4, 5, and 6 use the peer-group learning mode for instructional delivery. These pupils are grouped into peerlearning groups of 5 to 6 pupils per group, heterogeneous in ability but are studying the same peer-group learning modules. Each member of the group takes turn in acting as group leader and usually the best pupil in the group becomes the first peer-group leader. As other members in the group become acquainted and familiar with peer-group learning and becoming a group leader, they will also be given the opportunity to act as peer-group leaders. Thus, leadership in a group is rotated to allow all members in the group experience becoming peer-group leaders. 

Peer-group members also belong to the same learning family. Thus, being responsible for other members in the group becomes second-nature to these learners as they would want to become responsible and help their friends and neighbors in learning their lessons.

In setting up peer-groups, heterogeneity is a necessary criterion so that children of different ability levels can learn from each other. The difficulty with homogenous grouping is that the slower students would fall farther and farther behind, lose their self-respect, and possibly even drop out. Each learning family has at least three peer-groups: first, level 6; second, level 5; and the third, level

4. Peer-group learning is used in all subjects with peergroup learning modules. In addition, slower learners are given an additional period to complete the activities on the core module, while the fast learners would spend this period on the advanced modules, if these are available.

Contracting is an integral part of peer-group learning. Responsibility is developed in a group through a system of contracting. The group promises in writing to complete a number of modules for the week. The IS goes over the contract proposal of each peer-group to determine if the targets they have set for themselves during the week are within the group‘s capabilities and abilities. Refer to ANNEX 5 for a sample learning contract by a peer-group.

The form used is IMPACT Form 1. Group completion of contracts is recorded in the contract progress chart, which is conspicuously hung in the Learning Resource Center. In addition to this display of progress, the members of the peer-group are given positive reinforcements by the IS Aide and the IS.

Contracting is the means by which the IS can set the pace of learning of the students as well as challenge them to
do their best, yet at the same time, not overload any pupil. This judgment of the IS requires an intimate knowledge of the individual capabilities of all students under his/her care.


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Grade 4 Learners Materials / Learning Materials – Quarter 2



                IKALAWANG MARKAHAN- Lipunan, Kultura at Ekonomiya ng Aking Bansa


ART Learning Materials



ENGLISH Learning Materials


Oral Language

Reading Comprehension


FILIPINO Learning Materials



HEALTH Learning Materials


Prevention and Control of Diseases and Disorders

Substance Use and Abuse


MUSIC Learning Materials



SCIENCE Learning Materials

                Living Things and Their Environment



4th Quarter

  1. GRADE 4 Learners Materials in ENGLISH – 4th Quarter



3rd Quarter

  1. Geometric Shapes
  2. Itoy Tungkol sa Oras
  3. It’s About Time
  4. Math 4 DLP 76 – Drawing Different Kinds of Angles
  5. Math 4 DLP 79 – Classify Angles as Right, Acute, or Obtuse
  6. Math 4 DLP 81 – Parts of a Triangle Quadrilateral
  7. Measurement Perimeter and Circumference
  8. Parts of a Triangle and a Quadrilateral
  9. Perimeter and Areas

4th Quarter

  1. GRADE 4 Learners Materials in Math – 4th Quarter



3rd Quarter

  1. Crowd Puller
  2. Module 8 Electromagnetism
  3. Safety measures in Using Household Materials
  4. Science 4 DLP 45 – How Heat Travels
  5. Soft or Loud
  6. Sound Origin and Properties
  7. The Nature and Properties of Light
  8. Warm Radiance
  9. Ways of Protecting Noise

4th Quarter

  1. GRADE 4 Learners Materials in Science – 4th Quarter


Araling Panlipunan

3rd Quarter

  1. Ang Pamamahala Sa Aking Bansa (Cover)
  2. Aralin 1: Ang Pambansang Pamahalaan At Kapangyarihan Ng Sangay Nito
  3. Aralin 2: Mga Antas Ng Pamahalaan
  4. Aralin 3: Ang Mga Namumuno Sa Bansa
  5. Aralin 4: Paraan Ng Pagpili At Kapangyarihan Ng Mga Namumuno Ng Bansa
  6. Aralin 5: Paghihiwalay Ng Kapangyarihan At Check And Balance Sa Mga Sangay Ng Pamahalaan
  7. Aralin 6: Epekto Ng Mabuting Pamumuno Sa Pagtugon Sa Mga Pangangailangan Ng Bansa
  8. Aralin 7: Kahulugan Ng Mga Simbolo At Sagisag Ng Kapangyarihan Ng Pamahalaan
  9. Aralin 8: Mga Programang Pangkalusugan
  10. Aralin 9: Mga Pamamaraan Ng Pagpapaunlad Ng Edukasyon Sa Bansa
  11. Aralin 10: Mga Programang Pangkapayapaan
  12. Aralin 11: Paraan Ng Pagtataguyod Sa Ekonomiya Ng Bansa
  13. Aralin 12: Mga Programang Pangimpraestruktura Ng Pamahalaan
  14. Aralin 13: Tungkulin Ng Pamahalaan Sa Pagtataguyod Ng Karapatan Ng Bawat Mamamayan
  15. Aralin 14: Iba Pang Gawain Ng Pamahalaan Para Sa Kabutihan Ng Lahat
  16. Aralin 15: Pagtutulungan Ng Pamahalaang Lokal At Iba Pang Tagapaglingkod Ng Pamayanan

4th Quarter

  1. GRADE 4 Learners Materials in ARALING PANLIPUNAN – 4th Quarter



3rd Quarter

  • Pagmamahal Sa Bansa At Pakikibahagi Sa Pandaigdigang Pagkakaisa – 3rd Quarter

Islamic Values Education 4

4th Quarter

  1. GRADE 4 Learners Materials in ESP – 4th Quarter



4th Quarter

  1. GRADE 4 Learners Materials in EPP – 4th Quarter



4th Quarter

  1. GRADE 4 Learners Materials in FILIPINO – 4th Quarter



4th Quarter

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