Short Stories With Illustrations- Reference Materials | SY 2024 – 2025

In this section, we have a collection of short stories download links which are used as reference materials for reading and storytelling in school. These short stories are filled with lessons that students can use in life, help them build values as well as improve their reading and comprehension skills.

Benefits of Storytelling | Short Stories for Students

Short stories typically feature a small cast of characters and concentrate on isolated moments that are meant to evoke a certain feeling or emotion. Short stories offer engaging lessons about morality and proper behavior for students. They need to be taught with excellent morals because they are in their formative years as learners and need to be prepared for societal structure and their families.
In the early stages of life, reading abilities in children are crucial. It is common knowledge that interacting with kids can help them develop their literacy and language skills. Learning new words, communicating, responding to questions, and responding to parents and teachers are all tough for children who are suffering language delays.
A variety of storylines, including fairy tales, legends, myths, and fables, are used in storytelling, which has been practiced for millennia. Originally, the purpose of these tales was to provide solace by allowing individuals to share their personal experiences. Children gain a deeper understanding of their family when parents relate authentic stories about their own. Children benefit from this connection and emotional bonding with the storyteller. Additionally, reading to youngsters might inspire them to discover new worlds and experiences. Reading aloud to youngsters helps them expand their vocabulary and make development in reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Children are encouraged to read later on in life.
Ongoing learning in schools depends heavily on language and literacy, which also fosters social interaction. Long-term academic achievements were improved and increased by reading to preschoolers. Children who fared much better and had the chance to advance academically were those with greater literacy abilities. Early story-telling can establish the groundwork for future literacy, and reading aloud to kids can help them improve their listening skills, which are a crucial component of literacy.
It’s not necessitated to read from a book when telling a story. Children’s memory and sequencing abilities can be improved by making up stories or retelling old ones. For the development of their language and sense of reality, children need a strong sense of reality. Because they can relate to the feelings and motivations of the characters, kids are more attentive and engaged. Children can find safety and a way to cope with daily life through storytelling. Additionally, it can help kids form lasting relationships and feel appreciated.

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Short Stories Download

FILIPINO Short Stories With Illustrations- Reference Materials | SY 2024 – 2025

  1. Ang Batang May Maraming Bahay
  2. Ang Hardinerong Tipaklong
  3. Ang Kwento ni Binibining Repolyo
  4. Ang Leon at ang Daga
  5. Ang Pambihirang Sombrero
  6. Ang Pamilyang Ismid
  7. Ang Puting Sapatos
  8. Ang Sikretong Rekado
  9. Arroz Caldo ni Lolo Waldo Story
  10. Basura Kid
  11. Handog kay Isabella
  12. Hipon at Biya
  13. Jack and the Beanstalk (TAGALOG)
  14. Laki sa Hirap
  15. Lolit, Lamok ng Dengue
  16. Magtanim Upang Mabuhay
  17. Mariang Sinukuan
  18. May Lakad Kami ni Tatay
  19. Puno Para sa Lahat
  20. Si Bing ang Munting Butanding
  21. Si Cain at si Abel
  22. Si Dindo Pundido Story
  23. Si Emang Engkantada at ang Tatlong Haragan
  24. Si Faisal at Si Farida
  25. Si Gong Galunggong
  26. Si Jose, Ang Batang Magalang
  27. Si Mac Mac-Ang Batang Mahilig Maglaro
  28. Si Maya, Mamaya Na
  29. Si Nina at ang bayan ng Daldalina
  30. Si Noah at ang Malaking Baha
  31. Si Pagong at si Matsing
  32. Si Sibol at si Gunaw
  33. Talagang Maipagmamalaki ang Bagong Bayani

ENGLISH Short Stories With Illustrations- Reference Materials | SY 2024 – 2025

  1. A Lesson for John Benedict
  2. Androcles and the Lion
  3. Emang The Enchanter and the Three Brats
  4. Fish is Fish
  5. Mushroom in the Rain
  6. The Green Bird
  7. The Grouchy Ladybug
  8. The King of the Forest and His Three Advisers
  9. The Tomatoes of Peles
  10. Tower to the Moon
  11. A-House-for-a-Mouse
  12. Bees-Like-Flowers
  13. Bugs-by-Numbers
  14. Come-Back-Cat
  15. God-and-my-Pencil
  16. I-can-Climb
  17. Is-There-Anyone-Like-Me
  18. Mrs-Penguin’s-Perfect-Palace
  19. Smile-Please
  20. Ten-Little-Bunnies
  21. The-Adventures-of-Supercow—Volume-1
  22. The-Best-Thing-Ever
  23. Writing-on-Walls

  1. 100 Stories with Moral Lessons

ILOCANO Short Stories | SY 2024 – 2025

  1. Bulan ti Mayo Manen
  2. Da Uning Ken Unnoy
  3. Dagiti Ngipen ni Pining
  4. Dagiti Sagut ni Sabrina
  5. Daniw Ti Radio ni Oriando
  6. Diay Talon
  7. Ganuatti Pamilia
  8. Iti Umuna nga Aldaw a Panagiskuela ni Dindin
  9. Kinningkingan
  10. Nadumaduma nga Uni ti Aglawlaw
  11. Naragsak A Paskua
  12. News Story
  13. Paskua Manen
  14. Puppet Show
  15. Ti Ina a Baket a Balasang
  16. Ti Nakaapal a Pamillia ni Tata Yulo
  17. Ti Naparabur a Waig
  18. Ti Pannakapanagan ti Ili ti Alcala
  19. Ti Tarakenko a ni Tami


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