Week 9 DLL October 23 – 27, 2023 | 1st Quarter Daily Lesson Log

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The Teaching Journey

Teaching is like a three-step journey. Imagine it as climbing a spiral staircase where each flight brings you back to the same starting point but on a higher level. These three steps guide the work of teachers.

Preparation and Planning

Before entering the classroom, teachers must prepare and plan. This means getting ready for the lessons they will teach. They consider what the students need to learn and how to teach it effectively. It’s like laying the foundation for a building; it’s crucial for a successful teaching experience.

Teaching in the Classroom

The second step is when teachers are in the classroom and are actively teaching. This part demands the most energy and brings both moments of joy and challenges for them. It’s like being on stage with students as the audience. Teachers must manage the class, deliver lessons and help students learn.

Assessment and Review

After the lesson ends, the third step comes into play. This involves assessing how well students understood the material, recording their progress and reporting it. Evaluation and review help teachers improve their teaching methods. It’s like looking back at a journey to see what worked well and what could be done better.

Many teachers organize their work using these three steps. They might say things like, “I need to prepare for tomorrow’s class,” “I’m teaching all day today,” or “I have to grade papers tonight.” However, it’s essential not to forget the importance of professionalism before and after teaching.

While this three-step model is helpful, it has its drawbacks. It can make us think that the third step is the end of the process. In reality, the value of assessment and review lies in how it informs the first step – preparation and planning. For example, by assessing students’ understanding, teachers learn what needs further attention in the next lesson. By evaluating and reviewing past lessons, they can improve future ones.

Teaching isn’t always a straightforward climb. Sometimes, it may feel like going in circles. However, the belief in continuous progress is what keeps teachers going. Teachers who feel stuck in a loop might need to revisit their assessment and review methods.

In the preparation stage, it’s essential to consider assessment from the beginning. Teachers should ask questions like, what do the students need to learn based on the course requirements or government standards and how they can assess what the students have learned in those lessons. This approach is known as backward design in lesson planning, where you start with the end goal – the assessment – and plan the teaching journey accordingly.

Week 9 DLL October 23 – 27, 2023 |
1st Quarter Daily Lesson Log

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