Week 7 – Quarter 2 Daily Lesson Log | January 4 – 6, 2023 DLL Update!

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Planning a lesson: Objectives

What are the lesson’s objectives? It is the crucial query for any lesson preparation. You may be clear about what you want students to be able to accomplish at the end of the lesson if you can answer this question succinctly. Knowing your destination enables you to make moment-by-moment choices inside the lesson about various routes or options while keeping the primary goal in mind.

Lesson objectives in a student-centered lesson should correspond to what the students will be able to do in reality after the lesson. To ensure that your objectives are met, it is a good idea to begin lesson preparation with the final section and move backwards from there. Lessons with an unclear or overly ambitious goal frequently fail. You could want to have students practice a grammatical structure in a class while simultaneously encouraging them to practice speaking. While instructing, you can also want to apply or enhance particular strategies. Thus, it is simpler to divide goals into three distinct categories.

A class’s primary goal is its major objective. Subgoals are other skills or languages you want pupils to practice. Personal goals are teaching methods or other characteristics you wish to use or develop during the lesson. You could want a prospective observer to concentrate on this region.

As a general rule, the sub goal should be skill-based in a lesson when the primary goal is to introduce, practice, or review language systems. A language systems sub goal should also be included in a skills-based course. For instance, in a class where your primary goal is to practice a certain grammatical construction (language system), your secondary goal can be to provide students with more controlled and independent speaking experience (skill). The goals should be detailed, measurable, and include information about the context of language systems classes and what the students will be doing by the end of the lesson. Consider the following inquiries to make sure your goals are clear and defined, for instance, if your major goal is “to teach present perfect.”

Goals could be recast as follows by taking into account the aforementioned queries:

The primary goal of this exercise is to review and provide controlled and unrestricted oral practice using the first person affirmative, negative, and question forms of the Present Perfect tense, which is used to describe past experiences in the context of holidays, for example, I’ve been to Palawan. By the end of the course, students should be able to use the present perfect form to orally explain past events in the context of holidays.

The following are effective ways to describe goals:

  • To increase understanding of…
  • To introduce students to…
  • When the lectures are finished, students will be able to…
  • To recap…
  • To give more practice for…

Planning your classes should also take your personal goals into account. You could want to improve your teaching skills further or test out brand-new methods. Your principal may have provided you with improvement suggestions in their post-lesson observation feedback during formal lesson observations. Future observations might provide helpful feedback on how well you have progressed in several areas by establishing personal goals. Personal objectives might differ from instructor to teacher, but some examples include:

  • To decrease teacher talking time (TTT)
  • To better organize the board
  • To promote self-correction
  • To successfully teach vocabulary using …

Week 7 – Quarter 2 Daily Lesson Log |
January 4 – 6, 2023 DLL Update!

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