Week 4 DLL June  24 – 28, 2019 | 1st Quarter Daily Lesson Log

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11 June 2019


The recent news from Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) about their appeal for schools to stop the use of social media in giving class projects and homework should be fully supported by the Department of Education (DepEd)

Social media is the easiest medium to deliver information in this digital age using the latest on-hand technologies. However, it opens the door to one’s identity in the world wide web making young learners prone to different cyber threats. Social media as a tool for collaboration and communication could defeat its purpose if not used properly and may cause serious problems. It can also be a tool that could provide gaming applications, marketplace or online services, and viewing of different multimedia content which are not appropriate to the level of maturity of young learners.

The use of social media in the classroom could promote any or all of the following problems that the school may not be aware of or be caught unprepared for:

  • Social media has a group chat feature that has adult content which can elicit malicious and incorrect values to learners;
  • Social media may open doors for cyber-bullying, identity-then, online gambling, pornography and market fraud that can cause self-isolation, humiliation and trauma;
  • Social media can cause too many problems with the study habits of learners. They can be distracted with the different available tools and pings in Social Media; and
  • Social media can cause deceit to parents because children who are attracted to social media can easily say that they are waiting for the teacher’s assignment post. Eventually it could result to poor performance in school

DepEd must therefore affirm the recommendation of DICT as it follows the same direction and vision with the DepEd Digital Rise Program.

There is a proper medium for schools to use in disseminating assignments, test materials, and even instructional tools for e-learning mode of lesson delivery. Social media is not the proper outlet to support the needs of learners. Likewise, the use of Project-based Likes in social media is highly discouraged as it does not entail deep sense of linkage in the mastery of lessons and skills.

Digital literacy is highly emphasized in DepEd’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT)capacity-building program for teachers to lead them with the positive and correct use of these technologies.

There are existing open-source Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Edmodo, Schoology, Google Classroom, Nearpod, and Socrative that schools can use to support the e-learning requirements of an institution. They perform almost the same function with added educational features to support the delivery of instruction inside or outside of the classroom.

Academic institutions should learn and invest in capacitating their teachers to understand the use and advantages of these technologies and create a more child-friendly environment that is not a high-risk for cyber threats.

ICT is inevitably surrounding us in this Information Age, but social media is not the proper medium for schools to use especially in connection to the learning delivery of lessons. Social media can be the brightest innovation in this era but looking at the bigger picture where learners will be prone and affected should be the priority.

While this issue seemingly affects only the connected schools. DepEd must also prepare all other schools as it is now providing a pathway to connect the disconnected schools in using Open Educational Resources (OER). distributing contents from host computer to connected devices. With this development, learners from far flung areas will have the opportunity to use the same technology used in urban areas. Additionally, teachers are now being trained on developing e-learning resources that are contextualized in accordance with Filipino culture making these more relevant to learners.

DepEd must lead the correct pathway to support its ideals and aspirations in delivering quality, relevant, accessible and liberating education for the benefit of our 21st Century learners. It will provide the public schools system with the best Learning Management System (LMS) that could host the instructional support for curriculum and instruction requirements.

The collaboration of the Curriculum and Instruction Strand and the Information and Communications Technology Service (ICTS) is needed to address this issue. A DepEd Memorandum/Order on this matter is in order, and the initiative must come from the Curriculum and Instruction Strand.

Department of Education
Regional Office No. VIII
Regional Memorandum No.365 s.2019
Dated: June 11, 2019



Week 4 DLL June  24 – 28, 2019 | 1st Quarter Daily Lesson Log


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