1st Quarter Grade 2 Daily Lesson Log | SY 2019 – 2020 DLL

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Activities for Grade 2 Learners

Most children are natural scientists—they enjoy exploring, asking questions, playing with new objects, experimenting with different senses, observing, or using inventions to solve problems. Activities for Grade 2 science builds upon this innate curiosity by providing students the time, skills, and structures to formulate and investigate their questions. Grade 2 students are expected to learn both the content and process of science. Effective science activities for grade 2 reflect a balanced, comprehensive approach that includes the teaching of investigation and experimentation skills along with direct instruction. Key elements of a balanced science activities for grade 2 include explicit teaching of science content and concepts, identifying students’ prior knowledge, and addressing student misconceptions. Investigation skills should also be highlighted, with students encouraged to find answers or reach conclusions using their own experiences or observations. High-quality science instruction should also develop students’ command of the academic language of science and use standards-based connections with other core subjects to reinforce science teaching and learning.

Students who have met the science standards for Grade 2 know how to classify, compare, sort, and identify common objects. They use descriptive language when recording observations, measurements, and predictions about the properties of materials. In physical science activities for grade 2, students began the study of the properties of matter and its transformations, building a foundation for making observations and measurements primarily based on physical properties. Observational skills and vocabulary were emphasized in life science. Students learn to describe the appearance and behavior of different animals and plants and explored related informational texts to enrich their observations of plants and animals. In earth science, students were introduced to the many different features and characteristics of Earth: mountains, rivers, ocean, valleys, deserts, and local landforms. They learned how changes in weather occurred from day to day and season to season and how these changes affected Earth and its inhabitants. They know that Earth contains resources for humans and that human consumption leads to waste that must be disposed of. Students are able to observe common objects by using their five senses, describe the properties of these objects, and compare and sort objects by at least one physical attribute (e.g., color, shape, texture, size, weight).

In activities for grade 2, students learn how to communicate their observations both orally and through drawings. Students learn about the properties of solids, liquids, and gases and use words and drawings to record their observations about various objects. They deepen their understanding of the needs and structures of plants and animals. Students also continue their study of weather, observing, measuring, and recording weather conditions regularly to learn more about day-to-day and seasonal changes. They use simple tools and technology, with adult assistance provided as necessary.

In activities for grade 2, students respond to who, what, when, where, and how questions. They expand their vocabulary by learning appropriate grade-level scientific terms (such as freezing, melting, heating, dissolving, and evaporating). They participate in classroom discussions to share ideas and evidence and learn to reevaluate their thinking when presented with new evidence. They make new observations when discrepancies exist between two descriptions of the same object or phenomenon. Science learning is facilitated by hands-on activities for grade 2 and games that include explicit teaching of scientific concepts and vocabulary.

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1st Quarter Grade 2 Daily Lesson Log | SY 2019 – 2020 DLL


(Update) Week 1 DLL – 1st Quarter Grade 2  Daily Lesson Log
( June 3 – 7, 2019)


(Update) Week 2 DLL – 1st Quarter Grade 2  Daily Lesson Log
( June 10 – 14, 2019)


(Update) Week 3 DLL – 1st Quarter Grade 2  Daily Lesson Log
( June 17 – 21, 2019)


(Update) Week 4 DLL – 1st Quarter Grade 2  Daily Lesson Log
( June 24 – 28, 2019)


(Update) Week 5 DLL – 1st Quarter Grade 2  Daily Lesson Log
( July 1 – 5, 2019)


(Update) Week 6 DLL – 1st Quarter Grade 2  Daily Lesson Log
( July 8 – 12, 2019)


(Update) Week 7 DLL – 1st Quarter Grade 2  Daily Lesson Log
( July 15 – 19, 2019)


(Update) Week 8 DLL – 1st Quarter Grade 2  Daily Lesson Log
( July 22 – 26, 2019)


(Update) Week 9 DLL – 1st Quarter Grade 2  Daily Lesson Log
( July 29 – August 2, 2019 )


(Update) Week 10 DLL – 1st Quarter Grade 2  Daily Lesson Log
( August 5 – 9, 2019 )



Grade 2 PowerPoint Presentations – 1st Quarter


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