Happy Father’s Day Itay, Papa, Daddy, Sir!

Dear Itay, Papa, Daddy, Sir,

I want you and everyone to know that I have been gifted with the most amazing Tatay in the world. Being the stronghold of our lives, you set a firm foundation for our family to build our lives on. The way you have always encouraged and motivated us and guided us through the ups and downs of our lives is truly remarkable. You are always strong, loving, caring, nurturing, thoughtful, protective, a good provider and a man of conviction.

More than a father, you have been our hero, coach and mentor. You were the one who always pushed us to become the strong person we are today. We cannot thank you enough for your constant love and support you showered upon us all these years. Now I understand your good intentions behind everything you ever asked us to do. Because of you, I can now judge what is good or bad for me. It makes me proud and makes me cherish all the gifts life has bestowed upon me.

I love you more than anything. Happy Father’s Day!


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