Week 3 DLL September 11 – 15, 2023 | 1st Quarter Daily Lesson Log

In our earnest endeavor to lighten the load of daily lesson planning for our dedicated teachers and to foster a more seamless connection between teaching and learning, we’ve taken a significant step by sharing our collection of DepEd educational resources such as these Week 3 DLL September 11 – 15, 2023 | 1st Quarter Daily Lesson Log. These resources serve as a convenient repository, simplifying the integration of essential knowledge into the teaching journey. Through sharing our files, we aim to empower teachers to create a seamless and enriched learning experience fostering a stronger connection between instruction and understanding.

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Advantages of Lesson Planning

Lesson planning is like a teacher’s secret recipe for success in the classroom. It sound fancy, but it’s actually quite simple and it brings lots of benefits. Lesson planning is such a helpful tool for teachers.

Boosting Teacher Confidence: When teachers plan their lessons, they feel more sure of themselves. It’s like having a game plan before a big match. This confidence makes teaching more enjoyable and effective.

Making Learning Easier: Lesson plans help teachers think about what their students already know. This way, they can teach things in a way that everyone can understand. It’s like choosing the right puzzle pieces to fit together.

Keeping Things Organized: Even though writing lesson plans takes time, it’s worth it. They help teachers keep all their teaching materials organized. It’s like tidying up a messy room before having friends over.

Encouraging Good Questions: Lesson plans encourage teachers to ask the right questions. These questions make students think and participate. It’s like having a fun conversation with friends.

Showing the Way: Lesson plans guide teachers on what to teach and when to teach it. They act like a map showing the route to take. This way, teachers don’t get lost in the sea of knowledge.

Creating Interest: Well-planned lessons grab students’ attention. When lessons are interesting, students want to learn more. It’s like watching an exciting movie. You want to know what happens next.

Thinking Clearly: Lesson planning helps teachers think in a clear and organized way. It’s like putting together a puzzle where every piece fits perfectly.

Understanding Objectives: Lesson plans help teachers understand what they want students to learn. It’s like having a destination in mind before starting a journey.

Lesson plan is a teacher’s daily schedule. It says what will be learned each day, how it will be taught and how the teacher will know if students are learning.

A lesson plan is like a small book, usually just one or two pages long. It’s divided into sections that explain what will happen in the classroom every day. These sections include:

  • Lesson Objectives: This part tells what students will learn or be able to do after the lesson. It’s like setting a goal for the day.
  • Learning Activities: These are the things students will do to reach the lesson objective. It’s like the fun games you play to learn new things.
  • Time Requirements: This part says how much time is needed for each activity. It’s like knowing when to start and finish each game.
  • Assessment: This is how the teacher checks if students have learned what they should. It’s like a teacher’s way of saying, let’s see how well you did.
  • Evaluation and Reflection: After the lesson, teachers think about what went well and what didn’t. It’s like learning from mistakes to do better next time.

Week 3 DLL September 11 – 15, 2023 |
1st Quarter Daily Lesson Log

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