2018 DLL | Week 2 – 2nd Quarter Daily Lesson Log (August 20-24, 2018)

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K to 12 Teacher’s Guide: Global Competence Grade-Level Indicators

Global competence is critical for innovation in the 21st century. Educational approaches sensitive to our changing world infuse global awareness and cultural understanding into everyday classroom practices, while also utilizing the technological resources available to teachers and students today. The methodical integration of educational tools that build global awareness and ensure measurement of students’ global competence demonstrates commitment to preparing students for the world they will inherit.

A learning environment rooted in global competence empowers teachers and students to develop deep cultural knowledge and explore the ways in which culture influences identities and worldviews. Teachers and students also engage with world issues and challenges, and conceptualize ways to address them together. Openness and curiosity are developed and are critical to global perspective-building and problem-solving processes.

Educating towards global competence is to develop students’ understanding of themselves as integral parts of the world community. Students become aware of the world as a dynamic, interconnected system that often requires sophisticated interventions to equitably promote human interests. Global competence is the fuel students need to develop sensibilities for advancing local and global solutions with concern for all people and generations.

These global competence indicators were created  in order to provide grade-level frameworks for integrating global awareness into classroom practices. In combination with professional development and curricular resources, global competence indicators support teachers in creating classrooms that are open to the world.

Global-Ready Teacher Competency Framework | K to 12 Teacher’s Guide

All learners — whether adult or child — acquire the attitudes, skills and knowledge needed for global competence over time and in learning environments that utilize inquiry and developmental approaches.

To ensure students are prepared to effectively innovate, compete, collaborate, communicate and address complex issues in a global society, teachers must themselves be global-ready and demonstrate expertise and leadership in three domains of instructional practice:

  • Continually developing understanding of and applications for inquiry-based pedagogical approaches.
  • Integrating global content into curriculum.
  • Utilizing next-generation technologies in curriculum practices.

In addition, global-ready teachers represent global competence characteristics across four learning and instructional pillars:

  • Understanding applications of learning theory, innovative uses of digital tools to support learning and the importance of incorporating global contexts and perspectives into classroom instruction.
  • Investigating, designing and synthesizing innovative curriculum, technology tools and best practices from diverse sources to implement and integrate global content into classroom instruction.
  • Connecting and collaborating with peers in professional learning communities to advance the field of global education.
  • Integrating global attitudes, skills and knowledge into curriculum, instruction and assessment.

The K to 12 Teacher’s Guide is intended to serve as a dynamic planning document for the professional growth of global educators. The standards and indicators established in the framework will guide and inform the design of rubrics, observation tools and self-assessments to outline the developmental stages of distinguished global educators.

The framework is divided among the three domains of practice: pedagogy, content and technology. Each domain includes two standards that outline expertise and leadership characteristics global-ready teachers should demonstrate. Each standard is defined by indicators that identify the attitudes, skills and knowledge needed for global competence.



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New! Week 2 – 2nd Quarter Daily Lesson Log
(August 20-24, 2018)




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