Week 2 – Quarter 3 Daily Lesson Log | February 20 – 24, 2023 DLL Update!

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Lesson Plan Presentation

Your students will be more informed and on goal if you let them anticipate what they will be studying and doing in class. By putting a quick objective on the board or outlining for the class specifically what they will be studying and doing, you can communicate your lesson plan with the students. The class’s learning objectives can be listed on the board or in a handout.

Giving the class a purposeful structure can aid in improving students’ memory as well as their ability to follow your lecture and comprehend the reasoning behind in-class activities. Keeping on schedule will be easier for you and the students if you have a clearly visible agenda.

Reviewing Your Lesson Plan

Due to various unrelated factors, a lesson plan may not be as successful as you had hoped. You shouldn’t give up because it can happen to even the most seasoned teachers. Spend some time after each lesson thinking about what went well and why, as well as what you could have done better. It would be simpler to adapt to the unforeseen classroom circumstances if there was a clear distinction between effective and unsuccessful methods of scheduling class time and activities. You can use the following tools to get more advice on scheduling and controlling class time: feedback from students, peer assessment, watching a recording of your instruction, and speaking with a colleague.

The lesson plan doesn’t need to be a comprehensive guide that covers every circumstance that could possibly arise in the classroom in order to be effective. Additionally, it is not required to know exactly what each student will say or ask. Instead, it should give you a broad overview of your teaching objectives, student learning goals, and strategies for achieving those objectives. It serves as a reminder of your goals and desired outcomes. A successful class is one in which both the instructor and the students gain knowledge from one another rather than one in which all goes according to plan.

Week 2 – Quarter 3 Daily Lesson Log |
February 20 – 24, 2023 DLL Update!

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