More! 3rd Periodical Test with TOS Compilation | SY 2023 – 2024 Tests

To assist teachers in obtaining valuable feedback on their students’ learning progress in terms of content comprehension, quantity absorbed and quality of understanding that will enable them to adjust their teaching strategies accordingly, aiming to enhance students’ learning efficiency and effectiveness, our collection of 3rd Periodical Test with TOS Compilation | SY 2023 – 2024 Tests Compilation + MELC-Based Periodical Tests is available here. We want to finish uploading all of the MELC-Based K-12 Periodical Tests All Subjects so that we may make them available to all teachers in need of them.

Additional student assessment files and periodical tests will soon be uploaded.

The download links for the K-12 Periodical Tests All Subjects are at the end of this post. Please take a moment to read the article below for background information on the K–12 curriculum.

Classroom Assessment in Relation to External Evaluations

The known division between formative and summative assessment and the divide between external and classroom assessment are closely related. Comparisons are made between the summative use of evaluation data by outsiders to make final judgments about funding or adopting a program and the formative use of evaluation input when utilized internally to improve a program or product.

External evaluations are frequently used for summative reasons such widespread monitoring of achievement patterns, school accountability, funding for schools, and confirmation of student competency levels. When curriculum changes are made based on assessment findings, for instance, external exams are occasionally used formatively at the program level. However, large-scale assessments are rarely used to refocus and enhance instruction for specific students.

The primary goal of classroom assessment, on the other hand, should be formative, with a focus on assisting students in moving forward with their learning rather than evaluating their final levels of success. Even yet, summative assessment should be a regular component of the classroom routine, especially for older pupils, as it is a natural element of the learning process. Students should have practice giving final presentations and looking over a body of work to reflect on what they have learned, just as they understand the difference between their first draft and final versions of their writing.

DepEd 3rd Periodical Tests Schedule

MARCH 25 – 26, 2024
(Monday – Tuesday)

DepEd 3rd Quarter Examination Schedule School Year 2023 – 2024

SOURCE: DepEd School Calendar and Activities for School Year 2023-2024

Summative data is crucial for reporting to parents, and classroom assessment can yield more insightful data about students’ development than outside tests. Even if they have been modified to include more open-ended tasks and collaborative problem solving, external examinations typically mandate consistency of content and standardization of procedures.

Large-scale assessments require standardization to ensure that numbers are meaningful in all circumstances, not because of some lingering positivist presumption of purely objective truth, but rather as a matter of basic justice. To ensure comparability of school outcomes, for instance, content and administration practices must be standardized if a national assessment is to be used for school accountability. It should be administered at the same predetermined period of year where everyone takes the same grade-level exam.

More! 3rd Periodical Test with TOS Compilation |
SY 2023 – 2024 Update

GRADE 1 – 3rd Periodical Tests

GRADE 2 – 3rd Periodical Tests

GRADE 3 – 3rd Periodical Tests

GRADE 4 – 3rd Periodical Tests

GRADE 5 – 3rd Periodical Tests

GRADE 6 – 3rd Periodical Tests

Coming Soon!

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GRADE 7 – 3rd Periodical Tests

GRADE 8 – 3rd Periodical Tests

GRADE 9 – 3rd Periodical Tests

GRADE 10 – 3rd Periodical Tests

SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL – 3rd Periodical Tests

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