3rd Quarter Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log | SY 2023 – 2024 DLL Update!

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Lesson Planning

A teacher’s job is to facilitate learning, not just to impart knowledge. The numerous choices a teacher must choose from in order to get students ready for the learning opportunity show how important lesson planning is. Teachers make a conscious effort during lesson planning to create a cohesive structure of activities that support the growth of students’ cognitive structures. When it comes to instructional direction, which is concerned with the kind of material presented and how it is delivered, effective teachers excel.

The mental act of imagining what will transpire in a classroom during a lesson is known as lesson planning. This entails thinking about a variety of classroom elements, from strategies to get students interested in the subject matter to the many responses students might have.

Giving students meaningful learning opportunities requires careful planning on the part of teachers. Thus, whether consciously or unconsciously, planning for instruction is a crucial step that all effective teachers undertake, and meaningful planning is difficult. Even while it might seem straightforward, daily planning doesn’t just result in meaningful actions.

Planning is done to make sure that students learn. Therefore, planning aids in the creation, arrangement, and organization of educational events to facilitate learning. Therefore, for the instructional experiences to be successful and for learning to occur, adequate planning is crucial. Then, in order to satisfy the requirements of all students, an effective teacher should be able to plan in a way that recognizes the complexity of teaching and learning. Lessons that have been meticulously designed and fine-tuned demonstrate a knowledge of numerous teaching methods.

It would be challenging to carry out successful education without a clear and viable plan beforehand, hence effective teachers are also effective planners. This strategy would be built on the teacher’s understanding of the students, the subject matter, the available materials, and the instructional methodologies.

Inquiry into the causes of students’ behaviors and responses, as well as the best ways to support each child, informs the complexity of instructional design. All educational levels benefit from high quality learning activities that are the result of effective planning procedures combined with suitable teaching methods.

3rd Quarter Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log |
SY 2023 – 2024 DLL Update!

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