KINDERGARTEN Learners Materials (LM) – 1st – 4th Quarter

Collecting the required learners materials has never been easy. That is why we have uploaded the compiled KINDERGARTEN Learner’s Materials (LM) to help teachers complete the curriculum required resources.

Importance of Effective Learning Materials

Effective learning materials for students are those that have defined teaching objectives and learning standards, and the learners can easily understand and assimilate the textbook’s contents to attain the learning objective. These educational resources can foster students’ independence in learning, adapt to the various experiences, interests, talents, and requirements of individual students, and then change the learning theme, pace, path, depth, and breadth as necessary.

Teaching learning materials, sometimes referred to as instructional aids, help a teacher accomplish the learning goals they’ve set before teaching and learning activities begin. Teachers utilize teaching aids called learning materials to make it easier and faster for students to understand concepts. Learning materials’ purpose in the classroom is to make learning engaging, applicable, and enjoyable for kids. To clarify or emphasize a skill, information, or idea, teachers employ learning materials. Learning materials also aid in adding innovation and freshness to classroom instruction by relieving students of their boredom, worry, and stress. Learning experiences can be direct or indirect when using educational materials.

The formative opportunity provided in a classroom utilizing instructional materials has a significant impact on the learning results. In the classroom, teaching aids are utilized to improve student learning. It is applied by a teacher to improve teaching and learning. After classroom instruction and learning, learning resources aid students in achieving their learning objectives. A few justifications for using educational resources in the classroom:

  • Motivate students – The first step in any learning process is grabbing students’ attention, which is something that learning materials may aid with in the classroom. The children are eager to learn something new once they are inspired to look at educational materials. Learning materials offer a diversity of stimuli, which contributes to the most successful classroom instruction.
  • Assist in longer information retention – The more sensory channels that are used to interact with learning materials, the more the information will be retained. As a result, the lessons will stick with you and be lasting.
  • Promote meaningful learning – Learning goals in the cognitive, emotional, and psychomotor domains must all be met through classroom instruction. As a result, in order to attain a variety of objectives, a variety of learning experiences must be offered, which can be done by using learning materials.
  • Assistance with planning lessons for the classroom – As a teacher, you must plan lessons to be as realistic as you can. You can deliver accurate data in a chronologically structured manner using verbal or visual learning tools. This supports teacher communication in the classroom, both verbally and visually. As a result, you can employ educational materials to overcome verbal or visual communication challenges.
  • Facilitate a change in attitude – Instructional materials can also influence students’ attitudes toward learning in general and specific subject matter in particular. Images, models, and other teaching tools aid in instilling a positive attitude among students.
  • Practical applications – Instructional materials demonstrate how to put theoretical knowledge to use in real-world situations. Learning aids provide concrete examples of the theoretical concepts covered in class to facilitate effective learning.
  • Making learning enjoyable – In the classroom, educational resources can make learning more enjoyable. Students take pleasure in handling different objects and picking up new ideas from them.
  • Concept formation – Educational resources help kids develop and grasp concepts. They help children understand abstract ideas without resorting to rote learning because they make things concrete. As a result, when planning and creating your lesson, you should pay close attention to how learning resources are used in the classroom.

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These instructional materials were collaboratively developed and reviewed by educators from public and private schools, colleges, and/or universities. Please Share.

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