GRADE 8 Learners Materials 1st – 4th Quarter LM | DepEd Club

To help teachers acquire the necessary learning materials that recognize that different learners have different learning profiles, we have uploaded our compiled and easy to download GRADE 8 Learners Materials 1st – 4th Quarter | Learning Materials.

Development of Learning Materials Principles

The linguistic components of the information should be emphasized for the learner. Although these lesson elements shouldn’t be the primary emphasis of the learning materials, it is important to let the students know that they are necessary in order to find and generalize about the usefulness of the linguistic forms in the main learning materials.

The learning materials should give students the chance to communicate with others by using the local language. After completing the course material, students should have the chance to use the lesson they have learned for conversation outside of a teacher-controlled classroom setting. Learning materials should account for the fact that learning benefits are typically felt over time. As we see in our daily teaching, effective teaching is a progressive process for students rather than one that happens all at once. It is crucial to provide regular and ample exposure to the taught learner variables in communicative usage in order to support the gradual process of learning or absorbing a lesson.

Learning materials should recognize that different learners have different learning profiles. Different students have different learning methods. Visual, auditory, tactile senses, immersive, analytical, holistic, completely reliant, and independent learning techniques for the lessons are available.

Materials ought to take into account the fact that students’ affective attitudes vary. the sorts and timings of learners’ attitudes vary. Strong and constant desire, good attitudes toward the lessons, their teachers, their fellow students, and the course materials are requirements for ideal learners.

Learning materials should offer options for various texts and activity types in recognition of this fact. Learning materials ought to allow for a silent introduction to instruction. The quiet period is designed to help students internalize meaning and other communication components more effectively, which can lead to competency. The majority of new lesson’s points should be introduced through activities that first require comprehension before production.

GRADE 8 Learners Materials 1st – 4th Quarter LM | DepEd Club

ARALING PANLIPUNAN 8 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

                Heograpiya at Mga Sinaunang Kabihasnan sa Daigdig

Paglakas ng Europa

ENGLISH 8 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

Grammar Awareness


Oral Language and Fluency

ESP 8 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

Mga Pagpapahalaga at Birtud sa Pakikipagkapwa

FILIPINO 8 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

Estratehiya sa Pag-aaral

Pag-unawa sa Napakinggan


MAPEH 8 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

MATHEMATICS 8 Learners Materials / Learning Materials


SCIENCE 8 Learners Materials / Learning Materials


TLE 8 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

These instructional materials were collaboratively developed and reviewed by educators from public and private schools, colleges, and/or universities. Please Share.

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