GRADE 6 Learners Materials – 2nd Quarter | Learning Materials

To help teachers in their lesson preparations using the curriculum required learners’ materials as well as saving their time in downloading such files from slower sources, we have uploaded the compiled GRADE 6 Learners Materials – 2nd Quarter | Learning Materials.

Creating effective instructional materials

An essential component of every teaching program is the learning materials. Learning materials must be purposeful, pertinent, and motivating for instruction to be effective, and these requirements are satisfied when resources are created with students’ needs, interests, and expectations in mind. We can also state that educators should make an attempt to create the most suitable and efficient learning resources for their students.

Appropriate material design is not a science; rather, it involves a weird fusion of creative thinking, intuition, and logical analysis. Teachers who create their own lesson plans are more likely to take chances and make choices that are appropriate for their specific classroom. Due to the high expense of some commercial learning resources, teachers are forced to create their own products, which can often be the better choice because they are more affordable.
Teachers typically create educational materials that meet the needs of their students. Modern teaching strategies place a strong emphasis on the value of each student’s needs. There are students of varying abilities in a class, so the teacher created learning materials that allow them to choose the best one for each learner to ensure their success levels. They can select various topics, situations, skills, or combinations of materials depending on their evolving needs as individuals. Learning materials created by the teacher themselves can personalize instruction and boost student engagement and motivation. These are easily accessible and lessen reliance on other resources.

Essential Elements in Learning Resources

When creating instructional materials, teachers must consider a few things. The learner’s assessment is the initial and most crucial component. It enables them to produce learning products that are more purposeful, engaging, demanding, and efficient. A need analysis must come first in order to create materials that will improve students’ knowledge.
The formulation of objectives and targets for the learners is a crucial component of teacher-designed learning materials. It aids in achieving teaching and learning competency and offers the course a feeling of direction. The goal of the learning materials can be achieved with the right choice of activities. Activities that don’t require the needs of the students should be excluded by the teacher.

GRADE 6 LEARNERS MATERIALS / Learning Materials – 2nd Quarter

ARALING PANLIPUNAN 6 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

                Pagpupunyagi sa Panahon ng Kolonyalismong Amerikano at Ikalawang Digmaang Pandaigdig (1899-1945)

ENGLISH 6 Learners Materials / Learning Materials



Reading Comprehension

Writing and Composition

FILIPINO Learners Materials / Learning Materials




MUSIC 6 Learners Materials / Learning Materials



SCIENCE 6 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

                Living Things and Their Environment

T.L.E. (Technology and Livelihood Education) 

HOME ECONOMICS 6 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

These instructional materials were collaboratively developed and reviewed by educators from public and private schools, colleges, and/or universities. Please Share.

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