Grade 5 PowerPoint Presentations – 2nd Quarter

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Good day fellow Teachers. More Grade 5 PowerPoint Presentations – 2nd Quarter are now available. Thanks to all our File Creators, Contributors and Files Editors for sharing these files. More files to be uploaded soon. Thank you!

>>>Some Tips on Preparing PowerPoint Presentations

Creating PowerPoint Presentations consumes a lot of time and effort. That’s why it’s important to invest for its design and development. Here are some ways to improve your presentation.

PowerPoint Slide content

  • Avoid text-dense slides. Use brief points instead of long sentences or paragraphs. It’s better to have more slides than trying to place too much text on one slide. As a rule of thumb, plan to show one slide per minute to account for discussion and time and for students to absorb the material.
  • Use PowerPoint to cue and guide the presentation rather than project long and complete sentences. Reduce redundant or text heavy sentences or bullets to ensure a more professional appearance
  • Relate PowerPoint material to course objectives to reinforce their purpose.

Emphasize your PowerPoint content

  • Use italics, bold and color for emphasizing content. Avoid using underlines for emphasis which typically signifies hypertext in digital media.
  • Use of a light background (white, beige, yellow) with dark typeface or a dark background (blue, purple, brown) with a light typeface is easy to read in a large room.
  • Consider using different color slide backgrounds to change the pace of the presentation (or when you shift to new major content).


  • Use a sans serif typeface such as Arial, Helvetica, or Tahoma. Limit the number of typeface styles to no more than two per slide.
  • Ensure the typeface is large enough to read from anywhere in the room: titles and headings should be no less than 36-40 points.
  • The subtext should be no less than 32 points. Clip art and graphics
  • Use clip art and graphics sparingly. Research shows that it’s best to use graphics only when they support the content. Photographs can be effectively used to add realism. Size and place graphics appropriately on the slide.

Animation and sound

  • Add motion, sound, or music only when necessary. When in doubt, do without!  Excessive movement within or between slides can interfere with the message and can be annoying. Avoid or use only simple screen transitions.

Final check

  • Check for spelling, correct word usage, flow of material and overall appearance of the presentation.

  • Colleagues can be especially helpful to check your presentation for accuracy and appeal. Note: Typos are more obvious when they are projected.

  • Schedule at least one practice session to check for timing and flow.<<<



Grade 5 PowerPoint Presentations – 2nd Quarter

















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