GRADE 4 Learners Materials – 4th Quarter | Learning Materials

To make it easier for teachers to gather the educational materials they need for effective lesson preparation, effective teaching, and attaining the learning objectives, we have uploaded the compiled GRADE 4 Learners Materials – 4th Quarter | Learning Materials.

Learning materials for effective teaching

Instead than relying too much on verbal communication alone, learning is most effective when a variety of senses are involved. For effective teaching, especially in reaching the learning objectives, learning materials are crucial.

The learning objectives for the materials must be met, they must be validated, and their impact must be assessed. Prior to, during, and after usage, learning materials must be thoroughly reviewed. This is so that teachers, can provide engaging content for students. As a result, learning resources should be used properly in addition to being accessible and suitable. No course is completely self-teaching. Because instructional tools are only as good as the teachers who utilize them, all of them require a teacher to set the environment for learning to occur. If educational resources are chosen and implemented appropriately, the following would happen:

  • It would be fascinating and worthwhile to learn.
  • Acquired knowledge would last longer in memory.
  • Learners would pick up various skills.
  • During lessons, students would be actively engaged.

It is obvious that having enough learning resources available in all schools is necessary for efficient instruction. Most schools in industrialized nations have access to a variety of teaching resources and tools to aid instructors in becoming better teachers.

When they are accessible, the learning resources required for inquiry approaches might be scarce or very expensive. The lack of enthusiasm among teachers to utilize or even create educational materials is a result of this. It is necessary to have access to and use learning resources effectively for topics to be taught.

When developing your own materials using topic-based planning, keep in mind that all activities across the curriculum should be connected to the same overarching theme. This is because the learning materials you generate for students should be based on the topic you’ve previously chosen.

For learning goals and criteria to be met, high-quality learning resources are essential. A crucial tactic for achieving learning objectives in particular is to guarantee that every institution has the right learning resources and technology.

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Grade 4 Learners Materials / Learning Materials – 4th Quarter

ARALING PANLIPUNAN 4 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

ARTS 4 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

EDUKASYON SA PAGPAPAKATAO 4 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

ENGLISH 4 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

FILIPINO 4 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

HEALTH 4 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

MATHEMATICS 4 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

MUSIC 4 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

SCIENCE 4 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

These instructional materials were collaboratively developed and reviewed by educators from public and private schools, colleges, and/or universities. Please Share.

/ Learning Materials / Learners Materials / Instructional Materials


4th Quarter – PowerPoint Presentations 

Coming SOON!:

4th Quarter –  Periodical Tests


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