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importance of educational resources

Effective instructional materials may also include teachers. One of the best educational materials, it is also incredibly practical in every way. In a class, a teacher can engage learners in the learning process by employing certain straightforward techniques like using appropriate body language, making eye contact with them, displaying good facial expression, allowing them time to speak, using their names, etc. All of these activities foster a welcoming learning environment in the classroom and close the communication gap between the teacher and pupils. A teacher can also provide a role model, storyteller, vocalist, presenter, dancer, friend, and singer. A teacher can motivate the students to engage in the classroom actively by having them take on certain responsibilities in the classroom. Additionally, it will help kids study quickly and attentively.

It is impossible to instruct students without participating in this process because teaching is a social activity. To perform better, both the teacher and the student should participate in this activity. The tools used in the teaching process, which might involve both of them, are crucial.

  • Lessons are more entertaining, understandable, and clear for students when teaching materials are used. They can be used to increase vocabulary and knowledge at all learning levels.
  • Students are motivated by the second language instruction materials, which helps them learn the language without any problems.
  • Students’ memories can be improved with the help of instructional materials. These tools help them learn, and what they learn sticks in their minds. Additionally, it makes their learning lasting. Supportive teaching aids help students recall the second language more easily.
  • Teaching aids can aid in a greater comprehension of the subject, which deters acts of perplexity. They are successful in the process of learning a second language because it renders the subject as well as every component of the lesson really evident.
  • Students love the language learning process because of the activities utilized to make it feel like a game. The learning activities and likelihood of success grow as supplementary materials are used more frequently.
  • Because it makes the process simple, effective, and enriches the learning activities, the use of teaching materials is utterly effective.
  • Additionally, these resources pique students’ attention and inspire them to study a second language more effectively.
  • Additionally, these resources offer a relaxed learning environment and support their active participation in the learning, teaching, and experiential processes.
  • The use of teaching tools in the classroom can increase students’ motivation to learn. Each student actively engages in the learning process. It helps the pupils communicate their ideas clearly.
  • By involving every student, teaching materials keep the classroom lively and energetic and prevent boredom. It gives the pupils first-hand experience.
  • Using the right instructional resources also helps you save a ton of time and money. It frees up time from tedious, protracted explanation classes and makes it easier for pupils to comprehend challenging subjects.


ARALING PANLIPUNAN 4 Learners Materials

                IKALAWANG MARKAHAN- Lipunan, Kultura at Ekonomiya ng Aking Bansa

ART 4 Learners Materials


ENGLISH 4 Learners Materials


Oral Language

Reading Comprehension

FILIPINO 4 Learners Materials


HEALTH 4 Learners Materials


Prevention and Control of Diseases and Disorders

Substance Use and Abuse

MUSIC 4 Learners Materials


SCIENCE 4 Learners Materials

                Living Things and Their Environment

These instructional materials were collaboratively developed and reviewed by educators from public and private schools, colleges, and/or universities. Please Share.

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