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In this article, you will find our compiled GRADE 3 Teachers Guide. We aim to complete all the GRADE 3 Teachers Guide to make them available to our fellow teachers and help them complete their resources to make their efforts more directed into the actual teaching process.

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Technology and Livelihood Education encompasses the field of Home Economics (H.E.); Industrial Arts (IA); Agri-Fishery Arts (AFA); and Information, Communication. and Technology (ICT). The 24 TLE courses can be categorized under any of these fields.

TLE as a course  has two streams—the TR-based  TLE and the  Entrepreneur-based TLE—and every school has a choice  as to which stream to offer, with  consideration for faculty,  facilities, and   resources.    Both streams    are based  on the Training Regulations,  but the Entrepreneur-based  TLE embeds    entrepreneurship concepts  in the  teaching of  the various subjects  in HE ,  IA, AFA, and ICT.

TLE  is  geared  toward  the  development  of  technological  proficiency  and  is  anchored  on  knowledge  and  information,  entrepreneurial  concepts,  process  and  delivery,  work values, and lifeskills. This means that the TLE that works is one which is built on adequate mastery of knowledge and information, skills and processes, and the acquisition of right  work  values  and  life  skills.  The  TLE  that  is  functional  is  one  whichequips  students  with  skills  for  lifelong  learning. TLE  that  is  concerned  only  with  mere definition  of terms is meaningless and shallow. TLE that is focused on mastery of skills and processes without right work values is anemic and dangerous. An effective TLE is one that is founded on the cognitive, behavioral, or psychomotor and affective dimensions of human development. Therefore teaching TLE means teaching facts, concepts, skills, and values in their entirety.

Entrepreneurial concepts also form part of the foundation of quality TLE. It is expected that TLE students, after using the Learning Modules on  Entrepreneurship-based  TLE,  imbibe  the  entrepreneurial  spirit  and  consequently  set  up  their  own  businesses  in  the  areas  of  Agri-Fishery  Arts,  Industrial  Arts,  Home Economics, and Information and Communication Technology. TLE by its nature is dominantly a skill subject; hence the teacher must engage students in an experiential, contextualized, and authentic teaching-learning process. It is a subject in whichstudentslearn best by doing. It is integrative in approach. For instance, it integrates entrepreneurship with all the areas of TLE. It integrates concepts, skills, and values

Source: Department of Education


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GRADE 3 Teachers Guide & MELC Based TG | Links FIXED!


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