Grade 3 PowerPoint Presentations – 2nd Quarter

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Presentation styles for teachers (Part 3 of 3)

The way teachers move while delivering lessons is an important component of the different presentational abilities. Some of these teaching techniques for being an effective teacher includes:

Eye contact. In order to build a rapport with the students, maintain eye contact with them. By making eye contact, you entice them to pay attention. Avoid concentrating in a single area of the classroom. Look around the classroom and into the students’ eyes as you please. During the talk, partition the listeners into pieces and try to shift your attention between them. This is a helpful management strategy as well since you want the students to understand that everybody in the room is being monitored, especially those acting inappropriately.

Eagerness and liveliness. As a teacher, put both physical and mental energy into your presentation. Students will be drawn in by the enthusiasm and vigor you exude—not just for the material you’re teaching, but also for the chance to share your expertise. Your tone, movements, and overall dedication to what you’re doing will all communicate your passion. Additionally, it will be clear from the language you use – dynamic language tends to inspire children more than passive language.

Movements and gestures. Use gesture and movement freely since they have a significant impact on learning in the classroom. Utilize them in a way that feels natural to help communicate the meaning of your spoken statement. Don’t contradict your spoken communication; rather, use it to support it. Avoid using repetitious motions or mannerisms that might divert attention from the main points of your speech. Think back to any lectures you have attended with professors who kept playing with their glasses or throwing chalk into the air. Invite a colleague to observe one of your classes so they may watch out for any annoying tendencies you may have unintentionally developed. Move around the classroom as much as you like as long as the students can still hear you. Avoid, though, nervously pacing around the room from one side to the other. Don’t use movement to divert your audience; instead, use it to enhance the way your topic is presented. Your movements should be basic. To make your presentation more engaging, use face expression. Don’t be scared to smile; it will help the students feel more at ease and may also help you feel less anxious.

Grade 3 PowerPoint Presentations – 2nd Quarter

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