GRADE 2 Learners Materials – 4th Quarter | Learning Materials

To make it more accessible for teachers to procure the teaching materials they need for their lesson planning, lesson preparation, and instructional goals, we have uploaded the compiled GRADE 2 Learners Materials – 4th Quarter | Learning Materials.

Impact Principle of Learning Materials

Materials for instruction should have an impact. The impact of a lesson is realized when the students’ fascination, desire, and attention are piqued by the contents. The impact of these materials can be increased by adding novelty—unusual topics, illustrations, and activities—variety—using several different teacher voices on a cassette—attractive presentation—using eye-catching colors—and appealing content—covering subjects that the target audience will find interesting, novel, or universal. As a result, a teacher may create a variety of materials even with just the impact principle of learning materials as their guide.

To create learning materials that are more accurate, the design, implementation, and assessment steps in the process of generating learning materials must be followed. The initial draft of the learning materials is created after taking the syllabus, the target students’ demands, the appropriate nature of the learning materials, and the principles of generating learning materials into account. When a teacher has a finished draft of the lesson plans, it is up to them to be used in actual teaching and learning situations with the intended students. The learning materials must be revised in light of any flaws discovered during testing or during deployment. This is referred to as the assessment phase in the creation of materials.

The process of creating teaching and learning materials can be examined from the standpoints of its definition, application, and actual implementation in the context of creating learning materials.

Since learning resources are rarely made available to the general public, there is a greater need for developing teaching and learning materials. It is advised that teachers create their own unique resources specifically for their own intended learners as a result. Every teacher is free to use any method they are comfortable with when creating the learning materials. They can also create their own materials by applying the principles and guidelines for creating instructional materials, which include developing their teaching objectives and syllabus, modifying and/or supplementing the available materials, and formulating their own materials.

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Grade 2 Learners Materials / Learning Materials – 4th Quarter

ARALING PANLIPUNAN 2 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

ARTS 2 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

EDUKASYON SA PAGPAPAKATAO 2 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

ENGLISH 2 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

FILIPINO 2 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

MATHEMATICS 2 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

MTB 2 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

MUSIC 2 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

PHYSICAL EDUCATION 2 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

These instructional materials were collaboratively developed and reviewed by educators from public and private schools, colleges, and/or universities. Please Share.

/ Learning Materials / Learners Materials / Instructional Materials


4th Quarter – PowerPoint Presentations 

Coming SOON!:

4th Quarter –  Periodical Tests


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