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Good day fellow Teachers!  We had a lot of struggles in our beloved profession but we made it to this new school year together – supporting and sharing our knowledge for the welfare of each other. We are always there for each other as we dream of a smooth and productive school year. Together we will withstand any challenge. And now, we have uploaded Grade 1 Whole Year Weekly Home Learning Plan


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Interim Guidelines for Assessment and Grading in Light of the Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan

In its commitment to ensure teaching and learning continuity while looking after the health, safety, and wellbeing of its learners, teachers, and personnel, the Department of Education (DepEd| issued DepEd Order No. 012, s. 2020 titled Adoption of the Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan fBE-LCP for School Year {SY))  2020-2021 in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

To supplement the said DO, the DepEd issues the Interim Policy Guidelines for Assessment and Grading in Light of the Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan to provide guidance on the assessment of student learning and on the grading scheme to be adopted this school year.

As DepEd pursues learning continuity, it is imperative for schools to take stock of assessment and grading practices that will most meaningfully support learner development and respond to varied contexts at this time.

The policy is grounded on the following principles:

  1. Assessment should be holistic and authentic in capturing the attainment of the most essential learning competencies;
  2. Assessment is integral for understanding student learning and development;
  3. A variety of assessment strategies is necessary, with formative assessment taking priority to inform teaching and promote growth and mastery;
  4. Assessment and feedback should be a shared responsibility among teachers, learners, and their families; and
  5. Assessment and grading should have a positive impact on learning.

Private schools, technical and vocational institutions, and higher education institutions, including state and local universities and colleges offering the K to 12 Basic Education Program are encouraged to implement these interim policy guidelines as well. Private schools and institutions arc permitted to modify these policy guidelines according to their philosophy, vision, and mission, with the approval of their respective DcpEd regional office.

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ready made whole year whlp grade 1

Grade 1 Whole Year Weekly Home Learning Plan

GRADE 1 – 1st Quarter Weekly Home Learning Plan

GRADE 1 – 2nd Quarter Weekly Home Learning Plan

GRADE 1 – 3rd  Quarter Weekly Home Learning Plan

GRADE 1 – 4th  Quarter Weekly Home Learning Plan



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