Week 3 – 4th Quarter Daily Lesson Log (January 28 – February 1, 2019) | Weekly DLL

Update! Week 3 – 4th Quarter Daily Lesson Log (January 28 – February 1, 2019) | Weekly DLL are now available.

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Week 3 daily lesson log

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Career Progression System for Public School Teachers – Master Teacher

There is no distinction between the duties of one teaching position and those of other teaching positions. All are involved in classroom teaching. Hence, teaching positions are classified based on the personal qualifications of the incumbents thereof rather than based on the preponderant duties and responsibilities and qualification requirements of the positions. This concept deviates from existing standards that work assignments determine the classification and pay levels of positions. The deviation is made in the case of teachers to encourage and reward initiatives for professional growth which are vital in a dynamic educational system. The progression to a higher position level, which does not entail an increase in duties and responsibilities, recognizes the increase in the academic preparation level.

The Career Progression System for Public School Teachers attaches a premium to classroom effectiveness and allows teachers to remain in the classroom while advancing in status and compensation. The system provides for equivalence in duties, recognition and compensation for whatever career line a teacher chooses.

Career Lines

For purposes of advancement, teachers are given the option of choosing alternative career lines in school administration or classroom teaching. At the base of the career system is the Teacher position. Thereafter, a teacher may be promoted either as Elementary/Secondary School Principal, following the school administration career line, or as Master Teacher,
which falls under the teaching career line.

Classroom Teaching Career Line (CTCL) 

Executive Order No. 500 established a system of career progression and promotion for public school teachers. Four (4) levels of Master Teacher classes under the CTCL, were created as follows:

  • Master Teacher I   —   Salary Grade 16
  • Master Teacher II  —   Salary Grade 17
  • Master Teacher III  —   Salary Grade 18
  • Master Teacher IV  —   Salary Grade 19

There are established qualitative and quantitative criteria for each level of Master Teacher. An applicant must possess all the prescribed qualifications to be considered for a particular level which is measured in terms of educational preparation, performance rating, and teaching experience.

  • There is, likewise, a quota system on the allowable number of Master Teacher positions in elementary and secondary schools. The quota system as determined by the DepEd, in consultation with DBM, is as follows:
  •  For elementary schools: Total Master Teacher positions shall not exceed 10% of the total authorized teacher positions in the district, to wit:
    • Master Teacher I positions shall not exceed 6.6% of the total number of authorized teaching positions.
    • Master Teacher II positions shall not exceed 3.4% of the number of authorized Master Teacher I positions.
  • For secondary schools: One (1) Master Teacher position regardless of level may be allowed per subject area with at least 5-7 authorized teacher positions within the school.

Attributes and Functions

The following attributes and functions have been identified for Master Teacher levels:

  • All Master Teachers shall be administratively under the school heads where they are  assigned notwithstanding their rank and salary.
  • Master Teachers shall have regular teaching loads.
  • Master Teachers shall guide other teachers in the school or district towards improving their competencies as well as taking the lead in the preparation of instructional materials.
  • Master Teachers shall serve as demonstration teachers or teacher consultants in other schools in the district.


As provided under DECS Order No. 57, series of 1997, the requisites/qualifications needed for a candidate to be considered for the Master Teacher position are as

  • Master Teacher I
    • Permanent teacher;
    • Bachelor’s degree for teachers or equivalent as provided in the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers;
    • Very satisfactory performance rating for the last two years;
    • At least 3 years teaching experience; and
    • At least 25 points in leadership and potential, or has been a demonstration teacher in the district level plus 15 points in leadership and potential.
  • Master Teacher II
    • Master Teacher I for at least one year;
    • Very satisfactory rating as Master Teacher I;
    • Bachelor’s degree for teachers or equivalent as provided in the Magna Carta for Teachers, plus completion of academic requirements for Master of Arts; and
    • At least 30 points in leadership, potential and achievement; or has been a demonstration teacher in the division level plus 20 points in leadership and potential, provided the activities or accomplishments listed for this purpose had not been credited or used for similar promotions.
  • Master Teacher III
    • Master Teacher II;
    • M.A. in education or equivalent; The following are considered M.A. equivalent:
      • Bachelor’s degree for teachers or equivalent plus 20 years experience and at least 20 M.A. units;
      • Bachelor’s degree for teachers or equivalent plus at least 20 graduate units and at least 18 credit allowances.
    • Very satisfactory performance rating as Master Teacher II; and
    • At least 45 points in leadership, potential and achievement, provided the activities or accomplishments cited for this purpose had not been credited for an earlier promotion.
  • Master Teacher IV
    • Master Teacher III;
    • At least an M.A. in Education, M.A. in Teaching or Masters in Education;
    • Outstanding performance rating as Master Teacher III; and
    • At least 60 points in leadership, potential, and achievements provided the accomplishments and achievements cited for this purpose had not been credited for an earlier promotion.

Requests for reclassification of teaching positions to Master Teacher I and from Master Teacher I to Master Teacher II shall be supported by the plantilla and the pertinent evaluation documents. It shall then be reviewed and verified by the DBM RO concerned, subject to the budget rules and regulations on release of funds prescribed under National Budget Circular No. 303 and National Compensation Circular No. 24, respectively.

School Administration Career Line
The second career line is school administration which covers Head Teachers and School Principals.

  • Item E (12), Section 7, Chapter I of Republic Act (RA) 9155. provides that the selection, promotion and designation of school heads shall be anchored on the principles of merit, competence, fitness and equality, rather than on the number of teachers/learning facilitators and learners in the school.
  • Applicants for Head Teacher and Principal positions must possess executive and managerial competence, in addition to the following criteria:
    • Performance
    • Experience and Outstanding Accomplishments
    • Education and Training
    • Potential
    • Psycho-social Attributes and Personality Traits
  • Promotion to higher Head Teacher (HT) and Principal positions shall be an open ranking basis where merit and fitness are the main consideration and not the position.
  • The detailed guidelines on the selection, promotion and designation of school heads are provided under DepEd Administrative Order (AO) No. 85, s. 2003 dated November 27, 2003 (Annex B).
  • The modified qualification standards for Head Teacher and Principal positions are prescribed under Civil Service Commission (CSC) Resolution No. 040863 promulgated on July 28, 2004 (Annex C).


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Week 3 – 4th Quarter Daily Lesson Log
January 28 – February 1, 2019 | Weekly DLL


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