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UPDATED Instructions. More Results-based Performance Management System – RPMS Portfolio cover design templates are now uploaded. You can preview and download the design templates via Google Drive. But due to the Google Preview limitations especially with font styles, the file appearance may look different from the actual formatted design. Best thing to do is to download the files to see the actual format then INSTALL the REQUIRED Font Style.

Before you proceed, please make sure your read our special instructions so that you would  accomplish your Ideal cover design format.

These RPMS cover design templates were created, edited and formatted by our DepEd Teachers Club Contributors, Member Volunteers and File Editors.

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rpms design template


  1. The uploaded Sample RPMS Cover Design Templates are ready to use and are MS Word Editable but you need to INSTALL the REQUIRED Font Style first to attain the same formatting as the original design .
  2. The files are categorized  according to color design:
    • Blue, Green, Orange and Pink.
    • These designs are already formatted. You can readily edit the names, logos, font styles etc.
    • To See the Font Style used in the word “Portfolio”, please read the names of the uploaded files below. The Font Styles used in the  MS Word files are indicated in the MS Word File Name. e.g. RPMS Cover Design Blue 1 Font – Back to Black Demo. The font style you need to install to attain the desired format is Font Style – “Back to Black Demo“.
    • The required font styles can be downloaded HERE Font Style Compilation 
  1.  Size of paper used is 8.5 inches X 13 inches. Border Size is 0.5 inches.
  2. If you plan to adjust the border, you can also adjust the border/background by clicking on the image.
  3. This article is solely for Cover Design Templates. To Check our Sample RPMS Portfolios, just visit this link:



MS Word Formatting Instructions:

  1. View the desired actual original Designs in PDF Format HERE.  ====>>  “PREVIEW”: RPMS Cover Design Templates as your basis for the desired formatting.
    • Due to the Google preview’s limitations in showing the perfect /actual formatting of files, you would notice that the PDF Format Preview is different from the MS Word Format preview. The most noticeable is the differences in the font styles shown in the preview of the both files. In that case, after downloading the MS Word file, you STILL NEED to INSTALL the required font styles so that your design would be the same as the Original design shown in the PDF format.
  3. Let’s use the “RPMS Cover Design Blue 1 Font – Back to Black Demo” This file is in MS Word format.
    1. We need to attain the desired formatting same as the “PDF PREVIEW“for the MS Word file above (RPMS Cover Design Blue 1 Font – Back to Black Demo),
    2. In this design, the Font Style used is —-> Back to Black Demo
      • If you haven’t installed this font style in your computer yet, you need to download the Font Style Compilation HERE . This compilation contains all of the font styles used in our designs.
        • After downloading, unpack / unzip the Font Style Compilation zip file to a new folder. You need to use Winrar to accomplish this. If you haven’t installed Winrar in your computer, you need to download the FREE Winrar software – HERE.
          • Install Winrar to your computer. Just follow the typical installation procedures. Winrar is a FREE, safe and easy to install software.
        • In the unzipped fonts’ folder, search for the font style “Back to Black Demo”.
        • Check the font style first if this is the correct font. Right-Click on the font style file (Back to Black Demo), then Click Preview.
        • If the font file is correct, Right-Click on the font style file (Back to Black Demo), then Click Install.
    3. After installing the font style Back to Black Demo, close the MS Word window.
    4. Re-open the downloaded MS Word File —> (RPMS Cover Design Blue 1 Font – Back to Black Demo)
    5. Now, the formatting should be the same as the Preview.
      • If not yet, manually edit the font style formatting.
      • Highlight on the word “Portfolio” and assign the font style Back to Black Demo by choosing among your installed font styles in MS Word. The font Back to Black Demo should be on your list by now.
      • Now that you have familiarized yourself with the process, you can try other font styles by installing them too.



Sample MS Word Editable RPMS Portfolio Cover Design Templates





Free to Install MS Windows Font Styles Compilation ( Click Here) —->  REQUIRED to ATTAIN the desired formatting.

  • Very fast, very easy and safe to install.
  • Choose your desired Font Style from the uploaded Font Style Compilation above.  Font Styles used in the above MS Word files are indicated in the actual MS Word File Name. e.g. RPMS Cover Design Pink 1 Font – Coral Pen. The font style you need to install to attain the desired format is Font Style – “Coral Pen”.
    • To install the Font Style, just Right-click on the file then Preview. Right-click then Install.
    • OR. Double-click then Install.
    • More FREE Font Styles and Installation Guide HERE. 

    • After installing the Font Style. Close the MS Word Window then re-open the MS Word file. The formatting should now be the same as the actual design preview.



To Check our Sample RPMS Portfolios, just visit this link:


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