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The Metrobank—MTAP» DepEd Math challenge is an annual Mathematics  competition for elementary and secondary students in both public and private schools nationwide.  The Math challenge is being implemented by the Metrobank Foundation, the Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP) and the Department of Education (DepEd), in cooperation wuth the First Metro Investment Corporation.

The overall objective of the Metrobank – MTAP – DepEd Math Challenge is to contribute in improving the quality of Mathematics education in the Philippines. It aims to:

  • Awaken greater interest in Mathematics among elementary and secondary student in both public and private schools all over the country.
  • Encourage students to strive for excellence in Mathematics
  • Encourage mastery of basic Mathematical skills.
  • Discover Mathematical talents among the students
  • Develop the values of hard work, perseverance, honesty, teamwork and sportsmanship
  • Provide stidents with opportunities in leadership and cooperative undertaking.

The Elimination and School Division Level Competition is participated by elementary and secondary school learners nationwide. However, only Grade 6 and Grade 10 learners can participate in the Regional and National Finals. All public and private schools are required to submit MMC Form no.1 contained in Enclosure No.5 to the schools division office (SDO) for registration.

Division Mathematics supervisors are in charge of the preparation, implementation and documentation of the Elimination and Schools Division Finals Competition including preparation of the program and fielding of qualified officials to serve as judges, proctors and hosts / quizmasters. They are responsible for settling all questions, including protests, which may arise in the course of the competition. A panel of advisers are formed by the schools division superintendent to address questions during the competition.

REVIEWERS for Metrobank MTAP DepEd Math Challenge Questions