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In this article, you will find our compiled GRADE 5 Learners Materials – 3rd Quarter LM | DepEd Club. We aim to complete all the GRADE 5 Learners Materials (LM) to make them available to our fellow teachers and help them complete their resources to make their efforts more directed into the actual teaching process.

You will find the download links for the Learner’s / Learning Materials at the bottom of this article. If you have time, you may read the article below from the Department of Education.

Learning Beyond the Textbooks

  • Over dependence on the textbooks has developed the belief that the textbooks contain everything a teacher is required to teach and a student is expected to learn. As a result, the teachers are busy in completing the textbooks word by word and the students try to learn by heart every line of the textbook in order to reproduce in the examination answer scripts. Thus, the textbook has been accused of promoting rote learning.

  • We need to recognize that although textbook is one of the essential material for teaching and learning, it is neither the only material nor it provides all the experiences required to attain the expected learning outcomes. All the curricular experiences cannot be given within the limited space of a textbook. Moreover, learning becomes meaningful, contextual, and relevant when it is acquired in real life or familiar situations. Continuous and purposeful exposures to real life situations for acquiring specific competencies develop a habit in children to search for new knowledge from the familiar environment.


Grade 5 Learners Materials / Learning Materials – 3rd Quarter


ARALING PANLIPUNAN Learners Materials / Learning Materials

Pagbabagong Kultural sa Pamamahalang Kolonyal ng mga Espanyol

  1. Babae, Gumising Ka!
  2. Kababaihan sa Panahon ng Espanyol
  3. MISOSA 5 Kababaihan sa Panahon ng mga Ninuno
  4. MISOSA 5 Proyekto Kahalagahan ng Batas sa Pag-uugnayan ng mga Pilipino
  5. MISOSA 5 Proyekto Pamamahala ng mga Espanyol(Pamahalaang Sentral)
  6. MISOSA 5 Proyekto Pananampalataya ng mga Unang Pilipino
  7. Modyul 6 – Kolonyalismo…Tunay na Motibo sa Pagpunta ng mga Europeo sa Asya
  8. MODYUL 6 Ang Kolonisasyon ng Pilipinas
  9. Modyul 7 – Ang Paglaganap ng Kolonyalismo at Simula ng Imperyalismo sa Asya
  10. MODYUL 7 Pagbabagong Dulot ng Kolonisasyon
  11. Pagbabago sa Panahanan sa Panahon ng Espanyol
  12. Pangkabuhayan sa Panahon ng Espanyol
  13. PRODED 5 Reaksiyon sa mga Patakarang Pangkabuhayan ng mga Espanyol


ART  Learners Materials / Learning Materials


  1. Paglilimbag
  2. Arts 5 Learner’s Material


EPP Learners Materials / Learning Materials

  1. Ang Pag-iimbentaryo at Pagtutuos ng Tubo at Kita
  2. Pagpapaganda ng Tahanan
  3. Pangangalaga ng Kasuotan


ESP Learners Materials / Learning Materials

  1. Islamic Values Education V
  2. Babae Huwag Kang Papayag
  3. ESP 3 Learner’s Material Unit 3


HEALTH Learners Materials / Learning Materials

Substance Use and Abuse

  1. A&E, NFE Addictive and Dangerous Drugs
  2. Health 5 Learner’s Material


MATHEMATICS Learners Materials / Learning Materials


  1. Circle
  2. DLP Gr. 4 Module 72 Kinds of plane figures
  3. Fractions in Higher Terms
  4. Math 5 DLP 46 – Drawing 5 or More-Sided Polygon
  5. Math 5 DLP 49 – Finding the Area of A Circle
  6. Mathematics for Grade 5 Teachers
  7. NFE Accreditation and Equivalency Learning Material Geometric Shapes


  1. DLP Gr. 5 Module 52 Finding the circumference of a circle in centimeters and meters
  2. DLP Gr. 5 Module 53 Application of a concept of a circle
  3. DLP Gr. 5 Module 54 Finding the Volume of a Cube-Rectangular Prism
  4. EASE Module 5 Geometry of Shape and Size
  5. EASE Module 6 Geometry of Shape and Size
  6. EASE Module 8 Geometry of Shape and Size
  7. Math 5 DLP 55 – Application of Measurement of Volume
  8. Math 5 DLP 57 – Application of Measuring Temperature
  9. Mathematics for Grade 5 Teachers
  10. MISOSA Gr. 5 Module 58 Circumference of a Circle
  11. MISOSA Gr. 5 Module 59 Word Problems Involving Circumference
  12. MISOSA Gr. 5 Module 60 Area of a Circle
  13. MISOSA Gr. 5 Module 62 Volume of a Rectangular Prism
  14. MISOSA Gr. 6 Module 49 Finding the Volume of a Cube and a Rectangular Prism
  15. NFE Accreditation and Equivalency Learning Material Measurement, Perimeter and Circumference
  16. Volume of a Cube and Rectangular Prism


MUSIC Learners Materials / Learning Materials


PE Learners Materials / Learning Materials



SCIENCE Learners Materials / Learning Materials

  1. Conductivity of Substances
  2. Constructing a Model of an Electric Circuit
  3. Crowd Puller
  4. Electric Circuit
  6. En Route to Brilliance
  8. Magnetism in Everyday Life
  9. Pathways
  10. Science 5 DLP 32 – Classifying Materials into Conductors and Insulators
  11. Soft or Loud
  12. Warm Radiance
  13. Ways of Protecting Noise





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