DepEd Order 11, s. 2018 | Guidelines on the Preparation and Checking of School Forms

The Department of Education (DepEd) issues the enclosed Guidelines on the Preparation and Checking of School Forms for the preparation, updating and evaluation of school forms in basic education starting end of School Year 2017-2018.

The mechanisms and simplified procedures prescribed by these guidelines are anchored on the principles of accountability, accuracy and reliability of data, and efficiency.  They shall reduce the time and effort of school personnel spent for clerical tasks and records management without compromising the accuracy of the learners’ information and quality of school forms.


DepEd Order 11, s. 2018 – Guidelines on the Preparation and Checking of School Forms

I. Rationale

The preparation and checking of school forms, undertaken to ensure the quality and consistency of learner information, are among the critical activities conducted at the end of every School Year (SY). Prior to the issuance of DepEd Order (DO) No. 4, s. 2014 entitled “Adoption of the Modified School Forms (SFs) for Public Elementary and Secondary Schools Effective End of School Year 2013-2014”, the preparation of forms was tedious and took up a significant amount of time and effort on the part of teachers. This burden was substantially lessened with the issuance of the said policy which replaced the manual preparation of forms with the introduction of streamlined and electronic school forms made available for download from the Learner Information System (LIS). Since the electronic school forms utilized in all schools nationwide are pre-loaded with auto-generated information based on the most recent available records and are not be modified or edited outside the system or through a spreadsheet, the consistency and accuracy of reporting school data were significantly improved.

Guidelines on the Preparation and Checking of School FormsUsing the system-generated forms in both the preparation and checking of school forms which involves manual reading and checking of likewise standardize and simplify the process. The findings from these activities such as errors in of learner information shall also guide the entry of updates in the LIS. This ensures the consistency and reliability of the system in generating forms which contain information that is accurate updated and useful for evidence-based assessment, planning, and allocation of resources.

  1. Statement of the PolicyThe Department of Education (DepEd) hereby prescribes the standard process and protocols in the preparation, evaluation, and updating of school forms conducted at the end of every school year to provide a reliable assurance mechanism of information, ensure the quality and timeliness of school reports, and reduce the resources spent for clerical and records management. Policy adheres the Department’s vision, mission, and core values, and subscribes to the principles of accuracy and reliability of data, efficiency, and accountabilityIll. Scope of the PolicyThis Policy shall guide personnel involved in the preparation, checking, and updating of school forms through the LIS in DepEd offices across governance levels, public and private schools, and state and local universities and colleges (SUCs/LUCs) offering basic education.

    This Policy also provides an assurance mechanism to ensure that data and information being managed and generated through the LIS are updated and validated at both the School and Division levels.


Read / download the full DepEd Order here:
Guidelines on the Preparation and checking of School Forms – DepEd Order 11, s. 2018

Source: Department of Education


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