DepEd Early Registration Schedule in Public Schools for S.Y. 2020-2021

Starting February 1 until March 6, 2020, the Department of Education (DepEd) is set to open its Early Registration desks for the incoming Kindergarten, Grades 1, 7 and 11 learners for school year 2020-2021 in public and private elementary and secondary schools nationwide.

Through DepEd Order (DO) No. 3, s. 2018, otherwise known as the “Basic Education Enrollment Policy,” Sec. Briones stated that early registration seeks to locate, identify and register out-of-school children and youth in the community who may be characterized as: living with disability/ies, living in off-grid/far-flung community; a barangay without a school, or a geographically isolated area; displaced due to natural disaster; living in an armed conflict area or area with high level of criminality/drug abuse; having chronic illness or nutritional problem/s; victim of child abuse or economic exploitation; stateless/undocumented; in conflict with the law; living on the streets; and no longer in school but interested in going back to school.

The early registration policy prescribed that registrants must satisfy the following eligibility rules:



Kindergarten ·      5 years old on or before August 31, 2020
Grade 1 ·      Kinder completer or;·      PEPT Passer for Kinder Level or;

·      6 years old and above by August 31, 2020 but not Kinder Completer who assessed Grade 1-ready as per ECD checklist may also pre-register (DO 47, s. 2016)

Grade 7 ·      Grade 6 completer or;·      PEPT Passer for Grade 6 or;

·      ALS A&E Elementary Passer

Grade 11 ·      Grade 10 completer or;·      PEPT Passer for Grade 10 or;

·      ALS A&E Secondary passer


Moreover, according to the Basic Education  Enrollment Policy:

Incoming Grades 2 to 6, Grades 8 to 10 and Grade 12 are considered Pre-Registered.


For Kindergarten and Grade 1, a Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) or National Statistics Authority (NSO) birth certificate must be submitted. In case of its absence, Local Civil Registrar (LCR) birth certificate, baptismal, or barangay certificate can be submitted.

Learners must also accomplish the Basic Education Enrolment Form during early registration.

The DepEd’s early registration policy upholds the right of all school-aged learners to enroll and be equally provided with quality, accessible, relevant, and liberating basic education.

Sulong EduKalidad campaign

Meanwhile, DepEd has recently launched its Sulong EduKalidad campaign aimed    at addressing the challenge in quality of basic education.  This initiative is in response to the rapidly changing learning environment of present and future learners and will introduce aggressive reforms to globalize the quality of basic education in the Philippines.

“We always remind ourselves that our constitutional mandate to provide every Filipino not only access to education but to basic quality education. We have realized that we are facing the reality that we still have much to do in responding to the constitutional mandate as far as quality education is concerned,” the Education chief explained during the launch.

Source: Department of Education



deped enrollment schedule for sy 2020 - 2021



DepEd  Order No.3, s.2018



I. Rationale

Pursuant to the Constitutional mandate of the Department of Education to ensure the delivery of accessible and quality education, it has put in place a functional basic education system. The enactment of Republic Act No. (RA) 10157 or the Kindergarten Act and RA 10533 or brought about sweeping the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 changes in basic education which gave rise to the need to align DepEd’s existing processes with these reforms. The enrollment of learners, particularly the collection and management of enrollment data, is one  such process, integral in planning, resource allocation, policy formulation, and development of interventions. To align the enrollment process with ongoing reforms, DepEd has issued and implemented
several policies, such as the adoption of the Learner Reference Number (DO 22, s. 2012), the Adoption of Modified School Forms (DO 4, s. 2014, the Omnibus Policy on Kindergarten (DO 47, s. 2016), and the policy on Transfer of Records (DO 54, s. 2016). This Policy is issued to consolidate the various issuances on enrollment and institutionalize a basic education enrollment process.

II. Statement of Policy

All learners who elect to enroll in public schools nationwide must be accepted upon submission of the minimum documentary requirements articulated in this Policy.

Learners who wish to enroll in private schools and state and local universities and colleges (SUCs/LUCs) offering basic education must submit the minimum documentary requirements stipulated in this Policy, and satisfy other conditions for admission that the institution may require.

This Policy establishes the standard process of enrollment in public and private schools, SUCs/LUCs offering basic education, and Alternative Learning System (ALS) learning centers nationwide.


III. Scope of the Policy

This Policy shall guide DepEd offices and personnel involved in enrollment in public and private schools, SUCs/ LUCs offering basic education, and ALS learning centers. This will also provide guidance to parents and learners on the enrollment process and the attendant requirements.

This Policy covers early registration, actual enrollment, Learner Information System (US) encoding, and reiteration of policies on collection of fees, among others.


IV. Definition of Terms

For purposes of this Policy, the following terms are defined and understood as follows:

  • a. Early registration – the pre-registration of incoming Kindergarten, Grades 1, 7, and 11 learners which takes place prior to the opening of classes
  • b. Pre-registered – learners who underwent the early registration process, but are not considered officially enrolled
  • c. Enrollment – the process of registering learners into the Learner upon the submission of the required Information System (LIS) supporting documents and first date of attendance
  • d. Learner – an individual enrolled in an educational institution offering basic education
  • e. Moved in – learners coming from other schools who enrolled in the school in the middle of the school year
  • f. Moved out – learners who were previously enrolled in the school but enrolled in other schools the middle of the school year
  • g. Temporarily enrolled – learners who are not officially enrolled due to deficiencies in submission of documentary requirements
  • h. Transferred in – learners aggregated by male and female who entered from one school to another, either government or private from 1 1st Friday of school calendar days to March 3
  • i. Transferred out – learners who left school to enter another school as evidenced by a request for permanent record (Form 137) from 1st Friday of school calendar days to March 3
  • j. Out of School Children (OSC) – persons aged 6 to 14 years who are not attending school
  • k. Out of School Youth (OSY) – persons aged 15 to 24 years who are not attending school, have not finished any college or post- secondary course, and are not working
  • l. Balik-Aral learner – a learner who went back to school and resume study after year/years of dropping out or discontinuing study
  • m. Indigenous Peoples (IP) learner – a learner born of either or both parents who are IP as defined in RA 8371 or the Indigenous Peoples Republic Act of 1997
  • n. Special Education (SPED) learner – a learner in need of basic education that takes into account the special needs of both the differently abled and the gifted
  • o. Philippine Educational Placement Test – a battery of tests covering five basic subjects for validating and accrediting knowledge and skills in academic areas gained through informal and non formal means, for re-entry into formal school, job promotion, entry to job training, employment, and self-fulfillment

V. Enrollment Procedures

A. Early Registration

Early registration of incoming Kindergarten, Grades 1, 7, and 11 learners in public schools shall be conducted from the last Saturday of January to the last Friday of February of each year.

Incoming Grades 2-6, Grades 8-10 and Grade 12 are considered pre-registered.

Early registration is conducted to achieve the following:

  • a. Ensure all new entrants for Kindergarten, Grades 1, 7, and 11 learners are registered; and
  • b. Locate, identify and register OSC and OSY in the community who may be characterized as:
    • Living with disability/ ies
    • Living in an off-grid community
    • Living in a barangay without a school
    • Living in a geographically isolated area
    • Displaced due to natural disaster
    • Living in an armed conflict area
    • Living in an area with high level of criminality/drug abuse
    • Having chronic illness
    • Having nutritional problem/ s
    • Victim of child abuse, economic exploitation
    • Stateless /Undocumented
      • In conflict with the law
      • Living on the streets
        No longer in school but interested in going back to school


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