4th Quarter Grade 5 Daily Lesson Log | SY 2023 – 2024 DLL Update!

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Inquiry-Based Learning: The Evolving Role of Teachers

The landscape of education is undergoing a profound shift with the ascent of inquiry project-based learning, ushering teachers into a new era where they serve as facilitators rather than mere disseminators of knowledge. This transformative approach empowers students to delve into topics of their choice under the guidance of teachers who must wield research and problem-solving skills to nurture students’ growth in this model.

To effectively support students in their inquiry journeys, teachers must first equip themselves with a breadth of knowledge across diverse subjects. This entails organizing abundant information and seamlessly integrating various contextual materials into the curriculum. Upon receiving students’ project submissions, teachers are tasked with the meticulous review and validation of cited resources, ensuring academic integrity and accuracy.

The essence of inquiry teaching lies in teachers’ proficiency at guiding students through every phase of the research process – from formulating research questions to data collection, interpretation and presentation of findings. However, a critical challenge arises concerning teachers’ information literacy skills, starting with the fundamental understanding of the term itself.

There exists a prevalent misconception interchanging information literacy with ICT skills perpetuated by a lack of clarity surrounding professional development initiatives. Despite efforts to bridge this gap, recent studies reveal persistent ambiguity among teachers regarding information literacy reflected in inconsistent definitions and inadequate integration into curriculum objectives.

While some teachers may have received training on information processing models, the application remains sporadic. Even when purportedly employed, misconceptions and unfamiliarity with model stages hinder effective implementation. Low confidence levels further impede the selection of teaching topics, inadvertently limiting students’ exposure to information search practices.

Crucially, it is teachers’ awareness and integration of information literacy skills that shape students’ competency in navigating the vast sea of information. Students’ voices echo the need for enhanced teacher support in evaluating information quality and sources, underscoring the imperative for continuous professional development in this domain.

4th Quarter Grade 5 Daily Lesson Log |
SY 2023 – 2024 DLL Update!

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