Update On Public School Teachers’ Benefits: Salary Increase to Php50,000

The Department of Education (DepEd) announced on Thursday its anticipation of the outcome of a World Bank (WB) study aimed at evaluating the optimal benefits for public school teachers. According to DepEd spokesperson Undersecretary Michael Poa, preliminary results from the World Bank are anticipated within weeks. Poa noted that the World Bank has requested additional data from DepEd, currently in processing.

Poa’s remarks follow the recent filing of House Bill 9920 by the Makabayan bloc in the House of Representatives, seeking to raise the entry-level salary of public school teachers to Php50,000. DepEd initiated collaboration with the World Bank for this study even before the bill’s proposal.

The study’s purpose, as Poa explained is not only to determine the necessity of a salary increase but also to evaluate the ideal percentage of increases over the years considering inflation rates. Furthermore, Poa affirmed DepEd’s commitment to engaging in Congressional deliberations on the bill, emphasizing their advocacy for additional benefits for teachers.

In related efforts, DepEd had previously relieved teachers of non-teaching tasks through Department Order No. 002. Additionally, in 2023, the agency created 9,659 new teaching positions to bolster staffing in schools.

House Bill 9920 aims to bridge the gap between public school teachers’ salaries and the cost of living. It highlights the importance of ensuring teachers receive adequate compensation commensurate with their qualifications and contributions. The bill proposes not only a substantial salary increase but also annual adjustments to combat inflation and address salary disparities.

The filing of House Bill 9920 has garnered support from various sectors, including education workers’ groups, stressing its importance in alleviating financial challenges faced by teachers, especially amidst economic uncertainties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As discussions progress in Congress, the World Bank study’s outcomes will serve as a crucial foundation for DepEd’s stance on proposed teacher salary increases.


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