NAT Reviewer for Grade 6 – National Achievement Test

In this article, you will find our compiled NAT Reviewer for Grade 6. We aim to complete all the NAT Reviewer for Grade 6 to make them available to our fellow teachers and help them complete their resources to make their efforts more directed into the actual teaching process.

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DepEd Order No.55 s.2016.

NAT Reviewer for Grade 6The Department of Education (DepEd is adopting the enclosed Policy Guidelines on the National Assessment of Student Learning for the K to 12 Basic Education Program.

Assessment is the process of measuring learners’ progress in the attainment of learning standards and 21st century skills. The results of the various forms of assessment shall be used to quantify judgments on learners’ academic performance.

The national assessment of student learning is an integral part of DepEd’s assessment framework. It aims to:

  1. Monitor the Philippine education system and schools for public accountability;
  2. Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the delivery of education services using learning outcomes as indicators;
  3. Provide information that will guide decisions on instructional practices;
  4. Determine if learners are meeting the learning standards of the curriculum
  5. Measure students aptitude and occupational interest for career guidance; and
  6. Assess prior learning for placement, accreditation and equivalency.

Based on the aforementioned rationale of national assessment of student learning, DepEd will conduct the following assessments through the Bureau of Education Assessment:

  1. Early Language, Literacy, and Numeracy Assessment to he
  2. Early Language, Literacy, and Numeracy Assessment to be administered at the end of Grade 3 as a key stage assessment to determine if students are meeting the learning standards in early language, literacy, and numeracy;
  3. Exit Assessments to be administered in Grade 6, Grade 10 and Grade 12 to determine if 1earners are meeting the learning standards of the Elementary, Junior High School and Senior High School curriculum
  4. Career Assessment to be administered in Grade 9 to determine learners’ aptitudes and occupational interests for career guidance;
  5. Accreditation and Equivalency Assessment to be taken by out-of school youth and adults to certify completion of elementary and secondary education; and
  6. Grade Level Placement Assessment for learners in special circumstances specified in Section 6 to determine their appropriate grade level in the formal system

This DepEd order covers the target clientele, purpose, design, test administration procedures, and utilization of results of each assessment tool administered to learners under the Philippine education system.

Effective School Year (sy 2016-2017, the Policy Guidelines on the National Assessment of Student Learning for the K to 12 Basic Education Program shall be implemented in public and private elementary and secondary schools nationwide.

These guidelines will remain in force and in effect until sY 2023-2024, which is when the first K to 12 cohort completes Grade 12, unless sooner repealed, amended, or rescinded

All existing orders and Memoranda on student learning assessment that are inconsistent with this Order are rescinded.

Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance with this order is directed.

Source: Department of Education

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