Happy Mother’s Day Teachers! We Love You All!

Happy Mother’s Day Inay, Mama , Ma’am!

The combination of a teacher and a mother is truly a blessing to all of us. You all are in true sense the best mother and the best teacher all of us could ask for.

We are so fortunate to have Teachers like you because you have always taught us something in every facet of our life.

We thank God for giving us such amazing mothers who are also the best teachers who are always there to guide us to the right path.

We all wish to be like you. A good teacher and a wonderful Mother.

The bond that we share with you is not just professional because you have touched our hearts with your affection and kindness. You’re a strong source of inspiration to us. We thank you for your support when we needed it the most, for the piece of advice that you gave us when we got lost, for your endless patience and for your unconditional love.

You’re not just a distinguished teacher, but also an amazing person. That’s why we appreciate you so much.

Happy Mother’s Day!

We love you all!

happy mothers day to teachers

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