Grade 4 PowerPoint Presentations – 1st Quarter

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>>>How to Engage Students with PowerPoint presentations

The following techniques can be incorporated into PowerPoint presentations to increase interactivity and engagement between students and students and students and the teacher. Each technique can be projected as a separate PowerPoint slide.

Run a Slide Show as Students Arrive in the Classroom

This technique provides visual interest and can also have a series of questions students can answer as they sit waiting for the class to begin. These questions could be future texts or quizzes. Such as projecting an opening question, take a moment to reflect on ______(topic).

This can be projected at different intervals of a presentation to allow students to concentrate on, and discuss what has been presented. For example, – Think of what you know about ______(topic),  list as many characteristics of _________ or write down as many words related to __________(this technique helps with recall of pertinent information).

Start with your clearest thoughts and then move on to those what are kind of questions to ask students if they have any questions so far. Do this about every 15 minutes or so. (This technique provides time for students to reflect and is also a good time for a scheduled break and for the teacher to interact with students).

If You Could Ask One Last Question—What Would it be? (This technique allows for students to think more deeply about the topic and to apply what they have learned in a question format). What is the most useful point in today’s material and how can you illustrate its use in a practical setting? (This technique can tell the instructor if the lesson is on track).<<<


Grade 4 PowerPoint Presentations – 1st Quarter





















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