DepEd Unveils Plans for Educational Enhancement

In her recent Basic Education Report (BER), Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte reiterated the Department of Education’s (DepEd) commitment to educational enhancement within the basic education curriculum. The goal is to produce more competent, job-ready, active and responsible citizens.

During the BER 2024, VP Sara outlined key initiatives including the nationwide phased implementation of the MATATAG K-10 Curriculum, the rollout of the National Math Program and National Science and Technology Program and the institutionalization of a comprehensive Peace Education Program. These endeavors stem from a meticulous review and utilization of national and international assessments.

The MATATAG K-10 Curriculum, an acronym for MATATAG stood for, “Make the curriculum relevant to produce job-ready, Active and responsible citizens; TAke steps to accelerate the delivery of basic education services and provision facilities; TAke good care of learners by promoting learner well-being, inclusiveness learning and positive learning environment; and Give support for teachers to teach better.”

Duterte emphasized, “We will push forward. We will not be deterred until we bend the curve until we fulfill the dream of every Filipino child.”

  • DepEd will integrate entrepreneurship and agribusiness education into the basic education curriculum aligning with the national policy on agriculture as a wealth creation backbone. The Pampaaralang Taniman ng mga Agribida Program will be launched through a partnership with Go Negosyo.
  • Duterte also introduced the DepEd Digital Education 2028 program, aiming for the full digitization and interconnectivity of all DepEd offices and schools. Collaborations with internet providers such as Converge, PLDT, Globe, Starlink and others are underway to ensure adequate internet access for both teachers and learners.
  • The MATATAG Portal, a one-stop online/offline platform, will be launched to provide easy access to digital learning resources and applications, connecting multiple DepEd systems for real-time education statistics.
  • Regarding infrastructure development, Duterte reported the completion of:
    • 24 Last Mile Schools (LMS) last year, with 63 more in progress.
    • The agency constructed 3,637 new classrooms, with an additional 6,203 under construction.
    • Plans to complete the construction of at least 4,000 classrooms by the end of the first semester of 2024 are underway.
  • DepEd has also undertaken various measures to support teachers, including:
    • the provision of digital resources,
    • the establishment of the Employee Welfare and Well-being Policy and
    • the proposal of:
      • Health InsuranceTeaching Overload Pay andovertime pay.

The agency aims to enhance Professional Development Programs and training for effective curriculum implementation.

Duterte expressed gratitude to the approximately 900,000-strong DepEd team for their collective efforts emphasizing that all achievements were made possible through their dedication. The Education Secretary underscored DepEd’s commitment to transparency, accountability and effectiveness in fulfilling its educational mission.


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