DepEd Guidelines on the Suspension of Classes During Typhoons

Classes in affected areas are automatically suspended based on the PAGASA declared storm signals, while local government units (LGUs)—not the DepEd—decide on and announce class suspensions during calamities in the absence of a storm signal.

The Department of Education (DepEd) reiterates this to guide parents and help ensure the safety of students in the event of typhoons, flooding, and other weather disturbances and calamities.

Cancellation and suspension of classes are observed directly from the weather bulletins of the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA).

Classes in the affected areas shall be automatically cancelled or suspended once the PAGASA raised the following storm signals: 1) Signal No.1, public and private pre-school and kindergarten classes; 2) Signal No. 2, public and private pre-school, kindergarten, elementary and high school classes (including Senior High School); and Signal No. 3, classes in all levels.

class suspension guidelinesStorm signal warnings declared by PAGASA at 10:00 PM, and 4:30 AM of the following day will reflect on the cancellation and suspension of classes for the whole day in appropriate levels in the affected areas.

Storm signal warnings declared by PAGASA at 11:00 AM  day will automatically cancel or suspend the same day’s afternoon classes in the appropriate levels in the affected areas.

In the absence of storm signal warnings, LGU officials are expected to announce cancellation or suspension not later than 4:30 AM for whole day cancellation or suspension, or not later than 11:00 AM for afternoon cancellation or suspension.

Furthermore, DepEd calls on parents to practice their discretion on determining whether their children should go to school during typhoons, floods and other calamities, even in the absence of cancellation or suspension of classes announcement.

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Department of Education Automatic Class Suspension Guidelines

  • Signal #1 : NO Classes in Kindergarten
  • Signal #2: NO Classes in Kindergarten, Elementary and High School
  • Signal #3 or Higher:  NO Classes in Kindergarten, Elementary and High School and College including Graduate School.

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