Week 6 – 3rd Quarter Daily Lesson Log | December 2 – 6, 2019 DLL

We’ve been together for three years now. We had a lot of struggles in our beloved profession but we made it to this new school year together – supporting and sharing our knowledge for the welfare of each other. We are always there for each other as we dream of a smooth and productive school year. Together we will withstand any challenges. And now, we have uploaded our Week 6 – 3rd Quarter Daily Lesson Log | December 2 – 6, 2019 DLL

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This week’s news that matter:

  • Senate Approves P4.1-T 2020 Budget on Final Reading

Voting 22-0, the Senate on Wednesday approved on third and final reading the proposed PHP4.1-trillion national budget for 2020.

The Senate approved House Bill No. 4228 after Senator Juan Edgardo Angara presented the highlights of the Chamber’s amendments to the General Appropriations Bill (GAB).

Among the amendments mentioned by Angara were the PHP6 billion additional allocation for the Department of Education (DepEd) for its Last Mile Schools Program which seeks to address the gaps in resources and facilities of schools located in geographically isolated and disadvantaged and conflict-affected areas.

State universities and colleges (SUCs) got an additional PHP1.158 billion for their research programs, sports- and culture-related activities, and new buildings and facilities.

The Philippine General Hospital (PGH) also got an additional allocation of PHP644 million for the purchase of advanced medical equipment, including the Linear Accelerator to help fight cancer, and supplementary funding to the hospital’s Medical Assistance to Indigent Patients Program, among others.

On the other hand, the Senate set aside PHP3.173 billion for the Department of Health (DOH) under the Miscellaneous Personnel Benefits Fund (MPBF) to upgrade the salaries of nurses in accordance with the recent Supreme Court decision.

The fight against terrorism also got a boost under the Senate-proposed amendments.

Among these are the PHP920-million allocation that will be given to the Philippine Army for the deployment of one Infantry Division to address the continuing threat posed by the Abu Sayyaf Group in Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi areas.

The Philippine National Police also got an increase of PHP1.529 billion in its budget.

Meanwhile, workers in government could expect another round of salary increases as about PHP32 billion was allocated for Salary Standardization Law-5, which is also included under the MPBF.  



  • Poe Files Bill Seeking to Protect Teachers from Child Abuse Allegations

A bill seeking to protect public school teachers and personnel from allegations of child abuse while performing their duties has been filed in the Senate.

Senator Grace Poe filed Senate Bill No. 1189 after a teacher was forced to resign and have her license revoked for allegedly humiliating a student.

In filing SB 1189 on Monday, November 25, Poe cited the lack of training and guidelines on student discipline and classroom management which, she said, hampers teachers from doing their job.

“A disorganized classroom without procedures and expectations makes it difficult for our teachers to do their job. The ambiguity of permissible teacher conduct in the context of student discipline and classroom management hurts the school system,” Poe explained in filing the bill.

“This difficulty is worsened by the fact that many teachers do not receive institutional training in the right strategies that will allow them to properly manage student-behavioral troubles. The lack of licensed guidance counselors who act as support personnel and legal assistance and representation also compound the problem,” she added.

The bill seeks to amend Republic Act 7610, the Child Abuse Law, so that “Any act committed by a teacher or school staff pursuant to the disciplinary rules and procedure issued by the Department [of Education] shall not be deemed as child abuse, cruelty, and exploitation.”

Under the bill, the DepEd would be mandated to formulate and issue a teacher’s manual containing policies and principles on student discipline and classroom management.

The manual shall, specifically, detail the following: the rules and regulations to be observed by teachers with respect to students inside or outside school premises; permissible, appropriate, and effective responses and interventions that will address violations of school rules and regulations; and a clear description of the disciplinary procedure and designation of the authorities competent to investigate, purpose, and apply the responses and interventions.

The manual, to be used in all public elementary and high schools in the country, shall likewise set the “disciplinary actions to be taken against students who are found to have made malicious accusations of child abuse against teacher and school staff.”

A student manual, on the other hand, shall also be drafted in consultation with students, parents, community, as well as professionals in child behavior and social work. Copies of the student manual shall be provided to each student and their parents or legal guardians at the beginning of each school year.

The DepEd would also be tasked to extend “necessary protection” to school teachers and staff in all cases related to student discipline and classroom management, including criminal and administrative charges of child abuse, such as legal assistance and representation.

Poe also proposes to prohibit anyone, “whether public or private and whether a party to the case or otherwise,” from publicizing a pending case and the identity of the complainants and the respondents.

Violation of this shall subject the person to appropriate administrative, civil, criminal, and other liabilities, the bill stated.



Week 6 – 3rd Quarter Daily Lesson Log
December 2 – 6, 2019 DLL

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