Encoding and Updating of Learners Information System (LIS) is CLOSED

Encoding and Updating of Learners Information System (LIS) is CLOSED

  • K-10: Encoding and Updating of Learner Records.
    To prepare the LIS facility for End-of-School Year (EOSY) updating, encoding and updating of learner records (including transfer requests processing) for all schools offering Kinder, Elementary, and Junior High (public, private, SUC, and LUC) in the LIS is CLOSED.
  • The system, however, might resume the facility for updating, encoding, and transfers by the third week of March.
  • An announcement will be posted on all official channels (LIS Support Page, LIS Facebook groups) for updates.
  • SHS: Encoding and Updating of Learner Records. Encoding and updating of learner records for all schools offering Senior High (public, private, SUC, and LUC) in the LIS is reopened until 15 March 2017 only.
  • Transfers. Please be reminded that processing transfers is a school-to-school transaction. While waiting for the LIS to re-open for encoding and updating of learner records, the following can be done:
    • Encoding and Updating of Learners Information System (LIS) is CLOSEDThe originating school is obliged to send their former learner’s documents to the receiving school as soon as a request is made, regardless of how the request was communicated.
    • If the receiving school is still waiting for the originating school to transfer their learner’s documents, the receiving school must make an attempt to communicate with the originating school to expedite the transfer.
    • If the originating school refuses to respond to or comply with the receiving school’s request, the recipient school may report the case to their Schools Division Superintendent, who may mediate and enforce compliance to DO 54 s. 2016 (Guidelines on the Request and Transfer of Learner’s School Records).
    • The receiving school must include the following when making the report to the SDS: LRNName of LearnerGrade LevelOriginating School (include the Region and Division)Date of Request, and Other Action Taken.
  • Improvement of Facilities. In response to various requests from LIS users, users with Class Adviser access will soon be able to confirm learner transfer requests, and erroneously confirmed or rejected transfer request may be re-processed by the user. We will post an update as soon as these and other updates are available.


  • Posting of Learner Information. In compliance with prevailing laws and policies on data privacy and safeguarding, users must NOT post LIS screenshots or messages containing Learner Reference Numbers (LRN)namesdocumentsenrollment histories, and/or personally-identifiable information of learners in Facebook or any publicly available social network. Such information is HIGHLY CLASSIFIED, and must NEVER be posted under any circumstances on social media. If you must post follow-ups to other schools, however, and screenshots or information is essential, please redact (omit, erase, block, or blur) any learner information prior to posting. All posts not complying with this rule will be deleted on sight.