K-12 Learners Materials / Learning Materials (LM)

K-12 Learners Materials / Learning Materials are the resources teachers use to deliver instruction that can support student learning and increase student success. Learning materials cannot be devised or thought of on their own without linking them with the objective of an education program. For any education program, learning material is devised by linking up with the curricular objective. Most often in rural communities, they are left with a bare set of textbooks to use without additional learning materials. That’s why K-12 Learner’s Materials are now available for download online via our website DepEdClub.com

Learners Materials / Learning Materials are important because they increase the possibility of student achievement by reinforcing their learning. For example, a worksheet practices students on new skills gained in class. With the immediate process of repetition and reinforcement, the retention of information and comprehension is improved. It helps in the learning process by allowing the student to explore the knowledge independently by practicing the new information under teacher supervision and guidance. Learning materials, regardless of what kind, all have some function in student learning – to help them improve the process of learning.

The Department of Education has made available the Learning Resources Management and Development System (LRMDS). This system comprises four integrated sub-systems designed to support increased distribution and access to learning, teaching and professional development resources at the region, division and school or cluster levels of the Department of Education.

We are always  updating and uploading our sourced from the Department of Education K-12 Learner’s Materials / Learning Materials. You will find the file links below. Please check this section from time to time because the remaining files will be uploaded soon.

K-12 Learner’s Materials / Learning Materials files are now available for download. You can download the files easily.

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Available K-12 Learners Materials / Learning Materials 

  1. KINDERGARTEN Learner’s Materials

  2. GRADE 1 Learner’s Materials

  3. GRADE 2 Learner’s Materials

  4. GRADE 3 Learner’s Materials

  5. GRADE 4 Learner’s Materials

  6. GRADE 5 Learner’s Materials

  7. GRADE 6 Learner’s Materials

  8. GRADE 7 Learner’s Materials

  9. GRADE 8 Learner’s Materials

  10. GRADE 9 Learner’s Materials

  11. GRADE 10 Learner’s Materials

  12. SHS Learner’s Materials


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