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Writing effective K-12 Detailed Lesson Plans doesn’t have to be difficult. Detailed Lesson plan is where us, teachers can show our creativity and organizational skills. Although, it is unusual, but some teachers do not complete detailed lesson plans every day and then wonder why their students do not learn and fail on their examinations.

Years of experience and understanding how students behave and work in classrooms is definitely a great help but as new generation of teachers join the institution, a well-planned lesson plan can be a great ally. By planning ahead, you are always set for the day. Through excellent lessons, the possibility for students to attain desired learning outcomes is higher.

A teacher teaching a lesson with no background or clear teaching plan is like a doctor who isn’t prepared enough for a surgery or an engineer who doesn’t have blueprints for the foundation of a high rise building. Students won’t learn.

kto12 dlpK-12 Detailed Lesson Plans, textbooks and supplementary materials for the subject or grade level is a great help in designing a lesson plan, strategies and activities for students. Aside from published books, there are a lot of resources available online. What you just need to do is to be more resourceful and become fully familiar with the materials that suit your students’ needs. Templates are available online and you could construct a solid lesson plan.

In our file sections, we have lists of available K-12 Detailed Lesson Plans, forms etc. for our members to refer and implement ideas and lessons. Modify them to your liking to  meet their instructional needs.

All of our uploaded files are shared for FREE. But sometimes, our efforts are not too adequate to collate files for each and every needs of our fellow teachers. That’s why we seek your help to make this cause work. Submit your documents to us, help our fellow teachers.

We have organized our K-12 Detailed Lesson Plans. Just follow the links of what you need to get to the Download page.


K-12 Detailed Lesson Plans Available for Download (Partial)

    1. KINDERGARTEN Detailed Lesson Plans

    2. GRADE 1 Detailed Lesson Plans

    3. GRADE 2 Detailed Lesson Plans

    4. GRADE 3 Detailed Lesson Plans

    5. GRADE 4 Detailed Lesson Plans

    6. GRADE 5 Detailed Lesson Plans

    7. GRADE 6 Detailed Lesson Plans

    8. GRADE 7 Detailed Lesson Plans

    9. GRADE 8 Detailed Lesson Plans

    10. GRADE 9 Detailed Lesson Plans

    11. GRADE 10 Detailed Lesson Plans

    12.  SHS Detailed Lesson Plans


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