Implementation of the School-Based Feeding Program for School Year 2016-2017

DO 62, s. 2016

Additional Provision and Amendments to DepEd Order No. 51, s. 2016 (Implementation of the School-Based Feeding Program for School Year 2016-2017)

To:    Bureau and Service Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Public Elementary School Heads
All Others Concerned
1.  To ensure an efficient and effective implementation of the School-Based Feeding Program (SBFP) for School Year (SY) 2016-2017, the Department of Education (DepEd) has added and amended specific provisions in the existing guidelines stipulated in the enclosures of DepEd Order (DO) No. 51, s. 2016 as follows:
a.  Additional Provision
    On Eligible Expenses for Feeding under Section V.C.6
Other expenses related to SBFP (orientation, monitoring, and program implementation review among others, which are requisites for an efficient and successful implementation) shall be sourced out from other local funds or Regional/Division/Schools Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE).
b.  Amendments
     On Table 2 SBFP Modalities (Suggested Feeding Models/Modalities under Section V.B)
          The hiring of labor/service of cook shall be one cook per 40 SBFP beneficiaries subject to the availability of funds.
     On Table 3 Fund Releases Based on Categories under Section V.D
i.  The regional directors shall be empowered and authorized to decide   whether or not to release the funds to schools division offices (SDOs) with on-going implementations and/or unliquidated funds.  They are likewise empowered and authorized to decide on the amount to be downloaded/released to the respective SDOs depending on the utilization and liquidations of SBFP Funds of SYs 2015-2016 and 2016-2017.
ii. Similarly, the SDOs shall have the prerogative to decide whether or not to release the funds to schools with on-going implementation and/or unliquidated funds for SY 2015-2016.
iii. For the schools which have fully completed and liquidated the SY 2015-2016 funds, it is expected that funds for SY 2016-2017 shall be released the soonest.
iv. The ROs/SDOs shall enforce administrative/disciplinary actions on school heads/feeding coordinators or any SBFP implementers proven to have violated the DepEd policies, especially on fund management.
2.  All other provisions in the existing guidelines on the implementation of the SBFP as stated in DO 51, s. 2016 shall remain in force, unless sooner repealed, amended or rescinded.
3.  All regional directors and schools division superintendents, and school heads are enjoined to extend full administrative support to the implementation of the SBFP.
4.  Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance with this Order is directed.


References: DepEd Order: Nos. 33, s. 2015; and (51, s. 2016)
To be indicated in the Perpetual Index under the following subjects:AMENDMENT
STRAND: Governance and Operations


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SOURCE: DepEd Official Website
DATE RETRIEVED: September 29, 2016

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