“Duterte to Keep Promise on Teachers’ Pay Increase” – Harry Roque

UPDATE: on salary increase for Teachers.

President Rodrigo Duterte keeps his promises.

That was the assurance of Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque in a bid to allay fears of public school teachers on the pronouncement of Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno that doubling the salary of teachers was “not a priority” of this administration at this time.

During the 21st Cabinet meeting on Monday, Duterte ordered his Cabinet to find ways to increase the salary of public school teachers.

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roque on salary increase for teachers“Well, it’s very clear. He asked his Cabinet members to find ways to increase the salary of teachers,” Roque said in a Palace briefing on Thursday.

“I’m unequivocally stating that the President ordered everyone to study how to increase the salary of teachers,” he added.

But in a press briefing on Wednesday, Diokno said the salary increase for teachers would take a backseat to more pressing programs needed to be funded like the multi-trillion infrastructure projects of the government.

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Roque, nevertheless, noted that the increase in the salary of teachers would be “as much as the [government] can.”

“But what you need to note is that the President says he wants to increase the salary of teachers he does not go back on his promises he will increase the salary of teachers by as much as we can,” he said.

“The intention is there. It will not be taken back,” he added.

Though he did not give a timeline for its implementation, Roque stressed Mr. Duterte’s serious desire to increase the wages of public school teachers.

“We don’t even know when but he has asked them to look for ways and means to increase the salary of teachers,” he said. “It will take time but it will happen during his administration.”


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