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Classroom Diagnostic Tests are set of assessment tools designed to provide diagnostic information in order to guide learning instruction and provide support to students and teachers. These assessment tools assist teachers in identifying students’ academic strengths and areas of need.

After Diagnostic Tests, ongoing informal and formal classroom assessment is also important. It is the bond that holds teaching and learning together. It allows educators to monitor teaching effectiveness and student learning. It can motivate and shape learning and instruction that can help teachers gauge student mastery of required skills. It can also help teachers determine whether students are prepared for tests that are used for high-stakes decisions that can help students improve their own performances

Students benefit from diagnostic tests when they understand learning goals and know what kind of assessments will be used to evaluate their achievements. It helps understand what criteria will be used to evaluate their work and what an ideal response looks like.

Before conducting diagnostic tests, it is important to:

  • Develop scoring guidelines for performance assessments that define what constitutes an acceptable response and establish clearly defined levels of performance
  • Share the scoring guidelines with your students before they take the assessment.
  • Discuss the guidelines with your students to ensure that they understand the kind of work expected at each performance level.

After conducting diagnostic tests, , it is important to conduct a post-test discussion with your students. This will give you the opportunity to correct misconceptions, discuss issues raised by the assessment, help students gain a more complete understanding of the material the assessment covered and discuss the different ways students responded to the task, and the strengths and weaknesses of each approach.

It is also important to be generous with feedback. A score alone doesn’t give students sufficient
information about their performance on the assessment.  It is important to tell students:

  • Their areas of strength and weakness
  • What they did correctly and incorrectly
  • What they can do differently next time to improve their performance


Assessment integrated with instruction is an extremely powerful teaching tool. Using assessment as part of the learning process instead of in a summative role at
the end of a teaching unit ensures that students understand the relevance of what they are learning and how that learning will be assessed.

In summary:

Potential benefits of the diagnostic test for students.

  • Promotes teachers partnering with students to set learning goals
  • Provides descriptive and timely feedback to students while in the process of learning and creating
  • Builds efficacy bringing students into the process of their own learning
  • Encourages goal‐setting

Potential benefits of the diagnostic test for teachers.

  • The benefits for teachers in using diagnostic test include the following:
  • Understand the strengths and needs of each student
  • Gain insight into students’ strengths and needs during the school year, as well as focus their teaching for classes and grade level


Diagnostic Test (Pre-Test) Compilation for SY 2020 – 2021


GRADE 1 Diagnostic Test


GRADE 2 Diagnostic Test


GRADE 3 Diagnostic Test


GRADE 4 Diagnostic Test


GRADE 5 Diagnostic Test


GRADE 6 Diagnostic Test


GRADE 7 – 12  Diagnostic Tests to be uploaded soon.


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