Updated K-12 Curriculum Guides

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Good day fellow Teachers. In this section, you will find the new and updated K 12 Curriculum Guides. These guides were sourced directly from the Department of Education official website. You can download them here directly via Google Drive and Dropbox. Our goal is to help our fellow Teachers in downloading these guides since there are times that DepEd’s official website is down, slow or doesn’t load the pages due to the huge traffic or simultaneous downloads thus having technical difficulties. You can download these files fast, easy and virus free. Thank…

Teachers’ Files: School Forms

  Template_137-e_137-a SF 1 Register SF 2 Daily Attendance SF 3 Books Issued and Returned SF 4 Monthly Learner Movement and Attendance SF 5 Report on Promotion and Learning Progress & Achievement SF 6 Summarized Report on Promotion and Learning Progress & Achievement SF 7 School Personnel Assignment List and Basic Profile SF Data Description as of January 2014 School Forms   Was this helpful? Like and Share for others too.0

Teachers’ Files: Class Record Templates

  A. GRADE 1_E-Class Record Templates GRADE 1_1ST QUARTER .xlsx GRADE 1_2ND QUARTER.xlsx GRADE 1_3RD QUARTER.xlsx GRADE 1_4TH QUARTER .xlsx GRADE 1_SUMMARY FINAL GRADES.xlsx MS Excel Basic Command.pdf The Electronic Class Record User Manual for…ined Class).pdf   B. GRADE 2_E-Class Record Templates GRADE 2_1ST QUARTER GRADE 2_2ND QUARTER GRADE 2_3RD QUARTER GRADE 2_4TH QUARTER GRADE 2_SUMMARY FINAL GRADES MS Excel Basic Command The Electronic Class Record User Manual for Grades 1-3 (Self-contained Class)   C. GRADE 3_E-Class Record Templates GRADE 3_1ST QUARTER GRADE 3_2ND QUARTER GRADE 3_3RD QUARTER GRADE 3_4TH…